Wednesday, 2 October 2013

A boy and his daddy!

The little man and his daddy look alike and are alike. The are both very stubborn and the daddy is the little man's hero (for now anyway - I plan to sweep in and take over the hero role at some point)  They have a very strong bond - I believe it's a bond they would have had anyway if things had been different. I do also believe it's a bit stronger than 'normal' because of the start in life the little man had. He was 3 weeks old when I was in the Hospital for 3 long weeks - The daddy brought the little man to see me for 5-6 hours a day where he would lay on my chest for those 5-6 hours. The rest of the time it would be his daddy's chest he would lay on, the daddy's hands that would change him and feed him. I'm not complaining - I love their strong bond, identical big brown eyes and their thick brown hair.

These pictures are from our Wedding day 2nd June 2012. 

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