Tuesday, 11 November 2014

A speciel calendar.

Nearly every year I make either a calendar or a book with photos of the kids. Over the years I've used different websites for the task. Some have been better than others.
I've just made a photo calendar with pictures of the children again. It was really easy which I prefer. I get easily annoyed (my husband will confirm that and he was relieved when it didn't happen this time!) if things like that are too complicated. This time I enjoyed it and I'm happily using this Pixum website again, the next time I need to make a photobook or a calender. The calendar arrived today and it's so cool. Each page is really thick and the pictures are good. I took a few photos of it to show you.

Do you do photobooks or calendars with photos on too?


I was given a photocalendar for the purpose if this review.

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