Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Not long now.....

We have now entered the 3rd week of the school holiday and we are still enjoying just being at home and relaxing. The children have had a few playdates and spent a lot of time making these. They look on the internet for ideas.

Tomorrow the little man is off to Legoland with a friend and his family. The princess is off to her friends summerhouse to play for the day.
We are then celebrating the princess' birthday (a bit early as she wont be 10 until Monday) with the Danish side of the family tomorrow night.
Because Friday we're off to England on holiday YEAH!! My mum are staying in our house to look after Muffin the cat and to watch all the tv channels we have and she doesn't. Don't tell her I said that.....
We can't wait to go on holiday and this year we're visiting Nottingham and Newcastle both places we have never been before. First though we're spending 1½ week at Nana and Papa's.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Love the summer holiday

It's near the end of our 2nd week of school holiday. We're enjoying the late mornings and lazy days. We visited mormor (grandma) at her summerhouse wich is by the beach. We went for a swim (or the kids and mormor did) I just enjoyed the view and the lovely breeze. The kids collected loads of rocks and painted them back at the summerhouse.
This was Tuesday. Wednesday was stormy, rainy and sooooo cold. Today it feels like October. We want the summer back and hoping it'll happen soon. Until then we'll keep eye on all garden things as it's really windy out there....

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Summer is here and holiday - what's not to like!

Holiday - lazy mornings - sleepovers and dinner outside. Well, we've nearly finished the first week of holiday and the weather has been amazing. So the little tiny pool has been set up and we eat outside nearly every night. The children and I relaxe and have icecreams before lunch some days (don't tell the daddy) and they have a little swim in our tiny little blow-up pool. I watch Wimbledon and prepare dinner. Yesterday it was spicy chicken and roasted veggies. Yummy!
In 2 weeks time the daddy starts his holiday and we're off to England. We're all very excited.

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