Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Tomorrow it's World MS Day!

Here in Denmark we've been kissing MS away (or tried to anyway, wish it was that easy) to raise money. As I wrote here a while back, I was sent this green lipstick.
I had it with me today when I went to the MS Clinic and I got one of the nurses and 2 students to put it on and pose for a photo. They all agreed to have their picture shown on my blog so here they are....

Have a happy World MS Day!

Saturday, 25 May 2013

They don't listen....

"My mummy's legs don't listen to what her brain tells them"

The little man was telling his mate at school. I was picking them up and it was the first time we were having this little boy over to play. He had asked me why I walk with a stick and before I could answer the little man had. His answer being easy to understand for his mate.

"It's her 3rd leg if one of the others doesn't work properly"

The mate nodding like that made sense and said he thought it was cool with this 3rd leg thing. And that was it... With the facts sorted we were ready to go home so the boys could play!

I have used this drawing before a couple of years ago but feel it fits this blogpost so here it is again. The little man and I out for a short walk when he was around 3 years old.

Friday, 24 May 2013

The ferry!

When we went to England for uncle D and aunty E's wedding a couple of weeks ago, we went on the ferry from Esbjerg to Harwich. It took 18 hours and we were lucky it was a calm North sea we crossed. The pictures are from the wait before we could drive on board in Esbjerg.

It's a lovely way of travelling, very easy, stress free and the children love it.

Do you prefere to fly, drive or sail when travelling with children?

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Apparently it's as big as winning the football....

As you might have noticed (or not), Denmark won the Eurovision last night. Hurra... Yeah!! I do think the director of the danish television was sweating just a tad, thinking about the amount of money that's gonna cost and the fight about, which part of Denmark will get the honor (or trouble) of hosting next years Eurovision contest!! Anyway, well done and listening to the danish commentator was very funny....
He was so excited, shouting and sounded like we were winning the Euro's (like we did do in '92) not just a music contest. As it was sure Denmark had won he shouted: "Denmark are the European Champions of popmusic in 2013" 

Well, the song wasn't too bad so here I give you this year European Champion in Music !!(?) So while you listen to the song I will go make us some pancakes for lunch. Have a great Sunday!


Thursday, 16 May 2013

What is it? What is it???

I have no idea but they three of them look very interested in what ever is on the ground, don't they??

Monday, 13 May 2013

The Wedding!

We just got back to Denmark this afternoon after 6 days in England and the most amazing wedding where there was a magician, so now the little man constantly does his magic tricks! They're good as long as you remember to close your eyes when told to.... I'm too tired to write anything more so will just show a few photos instead! Enjoy....

Amazing day.....

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

"Then you're a Viking, mummy"

The little man was in bed when we could hear his little feet running across his bedroom floor.

"Mummy, are you Danish?"

"Yes I am."

At the age of nearly 6, living in Denmark and being half Danish himself you'd think he knew..... Anyhow he obviously just came to let me know this:

"Then you're a Viking."

As he is turning around to go back to bed I told him he is half Viking as well which was just met with an raised eyebrow and a "night night".

So I left the story untold about how the Danish Vikings entered England in the olden days and stole all their women or in my case a man..... In my defence, he did come with me voluntarily!

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Another sleepover....

This time at school! Friday afternoon, 12 very excited 7-8 year olds showed up with their sleeping bag in tow. I had promised the princess that I would stay over this year too. I didn't last year !
We were 3 mums staying overnight, a couple of dads helping during the evening until the children fell asleep.

They had had a great evening with hotdogs outside for dinner, playing until the sun went down behind the trees, then they went inside and kept playing until they were presented with a bag of sweets each and Madadgacar 3 was put on the big screen! Suddenly all were quiet and only the rustling of sweet paper was to be heard.
The film finished and they all jumped into their pjs and brushed their teeth. They were tired and happily snuggled up in their sleeping bags, 11.10pm they all were asleep. I managed to get a bit of sleep before 5.30am when the first ones woke.

We had arranged for the parents to pick up their little ones at 8am which was a good call..... We had had a great time but were all very tired and ready to go home. It's so lovely to see the class together and see how well they play and get along. I'm glad that us parents agree this is an event that should happen every year and the school happily lets us have the school all to ourselves for the night.

Do your children's classes do such events too??

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