Saturday, 27 April 2013


And so they did......

Next stop the slides....

As promised the daddy baked. American pancakes was the choice and they went down a treat - so quick I didn't get to take a picture! You just have take my word for it.....

Thursday, 25 April 2013

"Daddy, when you're 45 years old you have to become a baker"

"Because you're so good at baking"

The daddy grew at least 10 centimetres after that little statement from the little man. So I think some of this long weekend will be spent baking a few cakes. I have written about the daddy's baking skills before here and here as you might have read.

Tomorrow is bank holiday here in Denmark and the weather is supposed to be nice so YEAH!!! So I think a trip to the nearby big park and the daddy baking when we're back, might just be the best after 4 weird weeks with closed schools. The schools are finally back though and it's about time, and by this stage I don't care at all who's right or wrong. All I care about is that the princess is back at school on Monday. Also I don't want to moan about it anymore, I have spent way too much time doing that the last 4 weeks. It's over, schools are back and life returns to normal!

So tonight the princess has a friend here for a girly sleepover, the little man is being spoilt at mormor's (Grandma's) and the daddy is watching football! I think I'll just relax....


Sunday, 21 April 2013

The forest....

We only live 5 minutes away but we don't go often. Yesterday we did though and it was lovely with the weather being fantastic!

Friday, 19 April 2013

He saved Snow White.....

As you can read in my previous post, the little man wanted to be the prince and got the role! All week they have practiced and he has been vey excited.
Today was the big premiere but the little man was suddenly a bit teary and concerned, wanting to be reassured we'd be back to watch him at 10.10am. Of course we were and Snow White was performed but it was a very reluctant prince that walked on stage (with a little help from his teacher) to save Snow White.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Snow White!

Me: "Who will you be?"

The little man: "The prince!"

"Has your teacher told you that?"

"No, but I want to be the prince!"

"I know honey, but it might not be you"

"It will because I WANT to be the prince!!!"

This went on for a little bit and to be honest, I was preparing all sorts of comforting words if or when the little man came home from school in tears. He didn't because he is the prince..... He obviously charmed his way to the top!

Me: "So do you have to kiss the the princess to wake her?"

The little man giggling: "Of course not! I just tickle her gently on the cheek"

Yeah, that's probably a better choice for a bunch of 5 year olds. Never the less, we're so excited to see the little man on stage on Friday.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Kiss MS Goodbye!

Wish it was that easy but never the less worth a try.... In Denmark the MS Society has a campaign called Kiss Sclerose Goodbye to raise money for reseach the whole of May. The colour of Hope is green so the pin with little lips you can buy are green. The lip balm is not though but very nice but I was sent a green lipstick to use and then asked to take some photos.... The princess loved it and now wants to wear it every day. That's not happening but today me and her tried it on. The daddy let me kiss him but the little man wasn't having it!!

You're welcome to share this.....

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Still no school.... Believe it or not but the children miss it!

It's well into the second week of the school lock out here in Denmark. The princess is not enjoying it, she misses school, her teachers, her friends and the routine of the week days. I'm doing my best to have as many activities planned as possible, and structure. Playdates with friends from school and library visits are some of the things we do. Like the other days when the princess has had friends here, today the chosen game was to play "school". I printed out some maths things for them to do and they read books to each other. This is their choice and not me telling them to do school things which I think shows how much they miss school. There's still no news on when schools will be back and that's really frustrating for us all.
Luckily our local library is brilliant with lots of creative stuff to do. Monday I took the princess and her friend there.....

Saturday, 6 April 2013

The princess' 2nd gymnastic show.

That was today and once again they were brilliant like the first show they did two weeks ago.

Friday, 5 April 2013

I'm a feeder....

.... and an amazing host!! (No, no need for being modest, I'm a brilliant host) My speciality is when we have playmates over. Today we have had 2 extra children here and of course there's homemade pølsehorn (sausage rolls), lemonade and fruit! The little man's mate is a new school mate who's not been here before. When I picked them up he ran to me and said "I have been so excited all morning waiting for you to come and pick us up so I can go to the little man's house and play" After that he can do no wrong!! Now I'm boasting anyway, I might as well mention a few of the other things the playmates have been heard saying:  "It's very nice here" and "I love the pølsehorn".

So I feel it's okay to say I'm a brilliant host!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

So the children in Denmark are locked out of school.....

No joke, it's not the 1st of April anymore. The teachers and the councils who run the schools can not agree. Agree on what?? Agree on how many hours the teachers should work and I'm sure other things as well, I must admit I don't quite get it! I won't bore you lovely readers with such a stupid thing. So what to do then?? Well, we're lucky that our school will keep an eye on the children but just not teach them! But lots of schools won't so the parents have to take the children to work....
The children don't complain though. They get to play with their friends at school but no school work to be done!
I think it's stupid and embarrassing but who cares what I think?!! Not the goverment apparently....

Okay, rant over! The Easter bunny that came here was very thoughful. It left Lego and a little less chocolate (which the mummy thought was great) for the little man and princess. It also left a tablet, or a 'padlet' as the little man called with excitement, for the whole family.... A little one but so appreciated.
I was so excited to bring it to the hospital today. I have medicine every 4 weeks which takes a couple of hours, and there's free internet there so I could work, read blogs and laugh at stupid Youtube videos. Just loved it, so thanks Easter bunny for being so thoughful!! (and now we have also entered the 21st century!)

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