Monday, 29 October 2012

"It's Bond, James Bond"

The daddy and I went to the cinema on Saturday. We watched Skyfall, the new James Bond movie. It was good, I very much enjoyed it.
The daddy however felt he had to enlighten his children on the whole James Bond shenanigans so Sunday the walkie talkies were found and he instructed his 2 agents. A very important thing in the agent world apparently is to remember to say 'roger' when you're finished talking. The 2 agents in training tried really hard and did remember the 'roger' thing nearly everytime. The princess was undercover as Rapunzel, the little man as a fan of spiderman!
Ups... I just blew their cover didn't I !!!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

We've all done it.... haven't we??

Sung loudly with headphones on?? I know you've done it so no denying it!!! Anyhow, it's not me this time but the princess. Every night she can play, read, draw or something for half an hour before bedtime after the little man is put to bed. Last night she asked to listen to music which was okay if she put headphones on. She did but that didn't stop her from singing loudly! So Patience (Take That) Boyfriend (Alphabeat) and Call me maybe (Carly Rae Jepsen) was what she heard but all we heard was her..... And her version of the songs! Brilliant, it is defo a star we have here..... So Simon Cowell will be calling any day now with a contract, I'm sure!!
Don't you think....??

Saturday, 20 October 2012

The story about a mobile phone....

I stumbled across a box today. I was not prepared for what I found in there..... It was massive and fake metallic light grey. I could not stop laughing and I'm still giggling writing this. It belonged to the daddy many years ago and back then I remember it causing quite a few laughs when showed to people. You want to know what it is??
I'll show you a picture....
It's the daddy's old mobile phone from 2005. Look at it.... Anyhow, he did not quite understand my amusement.
"Look at my phone, it's nearly as big today as it was then"
Hmmm, is it!!?? Well, there's a reason for the bigger phones today. They have touch screens. He then claimed everyone laughing at him back then were the ones to laugh at now cos he knew already in 2005 that a phone that size would be the future!!
I see a difference though don't you? The screen on his phone today 2012, 7 years down the line, is double the size because everything is on there, nice and compact. The princess and little man were very impressed and the little man straight away took to it pretending to call one of his mates from nursery....
Like father like son.....

But seriously you understand why I'm laughing, don't you??

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Guess Who....

We love that game. The little man and his daddy played it yesterday, the little man won, twice...!! Even though he's only 5 years old and it says from 6 years on the box!! The daddy was not too happy about it but managed to keep it in and let the little man enjoy his glory!

Do you love playing games??

Monday, 15 October 2012

Boys can play with it as well....

Hama beads that is. I played with Hama beads as a child, now my children do. We found a new way to make it a bit different but as much fun.

The little man and I tried it out today.

It's simple, let the children fill the baking tray, put it in the oven for around 10 minutes at 200 degrees. Do keep a close eye on them as the time they need in the oven can vary.

Now you can make cool bracelets and necklaces for Christmas presents.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Map of the World.

I wished for one and got one! We love looking at it and when I find the right size pins we'll pin all the places we've been. Each of us have our own colour and as a family we'll have one so we can pin where we've been. Either alone, together, as a family and in years to come I imagine the princess and little man will pin places they've been without mummy and daddy.
The little man loves looking at the little flags at the bottom of the map, one for each country in the world. He knows a lot of them which the Euros and the Olympics this summer helped along.

We have 2 atlases which we do look in every so often but having the whole world hanging on the wall at the childrens height is better. We talk about countries, flags, football teams, people and lots more when we look at it. Being a mixed family of Danish/British maybe the interest is bigger, I don't know!!??

Do you have an atlas or a map in your house??

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Happy Birthday me from google.....

I turn on my computer this morning and the Google page comes on the screen looking like this....
I hover over the image with the mouse wondering what famous person I share my Birthday with..... Well, turns out that'll be me!!
Wow, how cool is this. Obviously I don't know this image will only appear on my computer...

Well, the daddy had the day off for us to have a day together going shopping ( spending my birthday money ) and a lovely lunch.
We picked the children up, cake was sorted out and the Happy Birthday song was sung. I have had a fantastic day.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Nana's here....Yeah!!

Nana came on the plane from England this morning to stay for 4 days. With her she had a suitcase full of treats for us all, teabags (Tetley's), magazines, t-shirts, sweets, choclates and halloween facepaint.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

The Library!

Sounds so serious doesn't it?? It isn't but we did go to the library yesterday. The princess has to read 10 pages a day for school, and we were running out of books. Everyday it's written down on her reading log and signed by me or the daddy depending on who reads with her. When she's read 1000 pages she'll get a diploma at morning assembly. When she's read 5000 pages she'll get a t-shirt. She's already read 510 pages!
She does go to the school library every Thursday with her class but they're only allowed 2 books each, so we ventured to our local library to get more books. I love our library, it's all newly refurbished and very smart. The princess chose a bunch of books for reading and some for us to read for her. The little man found some books as well plus a game for daddy's old Playstation 2. They both picked a couple of dvds too. Films and the game are all quite a few years old but brand new to us.
This is our library where there also is a restaurant, cinema, and a cafe.
Enough about libraries and books.... My mini scooter arrived on Saturday, so Sunday we went for a walk (drive for me). It was fantastic cos the daddy and I could hold hands..... That's something that's been a bit tricky as he's the one pushing me in the wheelchair normally so he has his hands full!!! The princess and little man were riding their bikes and we looked like a 'normal' family! The little man really wanted to try it too and why not so here he is...
Chelsea were playing later hence the little man dressed in all blue!! Matched the scooter though....
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