Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Sunday the daddy and I went to the best cafe in town by the harbour to have brunch. Just him and me.... It was our Christmas present, we enjoyed the lovely food and some adult time! Though I do think the princess and little man were more excited than us, to have some mummy and daddy free time with mormor (grandma)

 Look how happy I look! It was a buffet!!! Do I need to say more...?!

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Modern imagination.....

The princess was very concentrated playing with her Hama beads yesterday. She was making things she really needed!

A mobile phone....

A gameboy....

A camera for her and her brother....

Who said modern children have no imagination anymore...??

Friday, 25 January 2013

Shock - Horror....!!!!

I was watching This Morning (well, the Danish equivalent that is) and what do I hear and see?  That the newest mens' spring fashion will be cut off sweatpants, a T-shirt and a suit jacket together!
I'm sorry, WHAT?????????????
I had to call the daddy at work to tell him because I was in such shock. Big cheers at the other end of the phone and him shouting:

"I've been doing that for years"

Which I have to say is partly right.... The suit jacket he has never worn with them but the cutoff sweatpants he's been sporting for years but not with my approval though!!! Now I can't complain.... He has the fashion world on his side and he will not let it go... He'll be wearing these everywhere now come spring/summer, I just know it!!!

I don't know what to do....

Monday, 21 January 2013

About shortening words....

We went swimming Sunday morning and afterwards we're sitting upstairs having an ice cream. The daddy and little man are talking and the little man explains to the daddy, that his friend from nursery was 5 years old when he could swim. Not just doggy paddle but swim.

The daddy: "So he can swim properly now?"

The little man: " Yep, not just doggy pads!!"

The daddy could not stop laughing.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Brownies made by the daddy!

You know how men are, always needing praise when they make things. Whether it's a treehouse or brownies doesn't matter, they have to be praised!!
Well, fine then I will give the daddy some praise. He has found this recipe app on his mobile and there's now no stopping him when it comes to baking! Scones, banana bread, cookies and now also brownies. He also made the princess and little man look (not help, just look) so they could witness live, that it was really him making the brownies.

The finished brownie with vanilla ice cream which we had for dessert last night. It was yummy especially the princess was impressed and could easily have had the whole lot!

Does your man need praise every time he has made something??

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Who said anything about child labour....

I thought the trampoline looked like it was a bit troubled by all the snow we've got. So why not send the princess and her friend out to get all the snow off it. It's fun, isn't it girls?? When you're finished, come in a have some lemonade and crisps.
They were thrilled, worked hard and no doubt had a lot of fun. I could tell from the loud giggles!

No, the red cheeks are not because she's been outside for hours... That's makeup, a girls best friend, which you should never leave the house without! Not even if all you're doing outside is removing snow from a trampoline!!

While the girls were working hard having fun, the little man and the daddy went down town to spend the little man's coin from the tooth fairy.  And to have a break at the bakery cafe and eat donuts.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

You need some new ones, mummy!!

Right, the little man and I are sitting on the sofa a week ago. It's just before his bedtime so we're having a lovely cuddle. The little man pushes me slightly away looking at my chest. Just to clarify, I am not topless!!

"When are you gonna have some new boobs??"

Me: "Ermm... I'm not"

"Why not??"

Me: "Because I don't need new boobs"

"But there are old"

Well, take that....!! He is lucky he's only 5, cute, charming and good looking otherwise he might not have gotten away with the comment!!

Monday, 14 January 2013

How exciting.....

This is what the little man spelled with his cars Sunday morning at 8.30am.

Why...?? No idea but looked it up and here's what Wikipedia says:

Pilae Stacks are stacks of pilae tiles, square thin tiles, that were used in Roman times as an element of the underfloor heating system, common in Roman bathhouses, called the hypocaust. The concept of the Pilae stacks is that the floor is constructed at an elevated position, allowing air to freely circulate underneath and up, through the hollow bricks, into the structure walls. Examples of such baths are found not only in Rome, but also in Roman Britain and distant parts of the Roman Empire such as the baths at Chellah, in modern day Morocco.
This architectural technique was the first form of underfloor heating and the same principle is still used today.

Well, didn't know that! Did you...?? Sounds like the little man did... why write the word without that exciting knoweledge, eh???

Thursday, 10 January 2013

"Got you"

I played around with the picture on PicMonkey, a webpage I stumbled across actually a while ago and then for some reason forgot about. There's lots of fun things to do to your pictures and I had a great time last night fiddling with a couple of pictures. The daddy was watching footy and his team was losing so the huffing and puffing was getting louder as the evening went on!!! It ended in tears swearing.... Anyway just wanted to show one of the pictures I made and no, I'm not paid to tell you - just free infomation for everyone!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

A little helper....

Onkel K came around today to hang up the little man's basketball net he got for Christmas. Of course the little man was helping out! Uncle let him do some drilling which he apperently already knew how to do.....
Uncle: "You hold here and press this"
The little man looking up at him "I know..." and he drilled away!!

All up and ready, the little man showed us his skills....

Watch out Michael Jordan a new star is born....

Friday, 4 January 2013

Playground and presents, small as well as big ones....

There were a few days in England where the princess, little man and the daddy were well enough to venture out!! So first stop had to be the playground, right.... Happy faces, fresh air and lots of fun!!

The little man wearing a few of his Christmas presents! A cool leather pilot jacket and his cool hat which he also wore for a while on Christmas day when he got it.... His excitement on Christmas day was so lovely. Aunty 'I' gave him a big present with a little one attached on top. He chose to open the little one first and screamed (and I mean screamed really loudly) with joy: "Look daddy, batteries... Batteries, mummy!! Look...!!" Then he opened the big packet, a radio controlled Rory car! Screams again but not as loud....

He's got his priorities right, hasn't he??

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

You have to have a hat on, don't you??

In Denmark we dress up for New Year with nice clothes and silly hats! Well, our New Year's Eve was a bit different this year as the daddy has pnemonia and the princess has a temperature again and a horrible cough. The little man's fine and even though he didn't see the point in getting dressed at all yesterday, he did think a hat was in it's place!!

I did not want to cook, yeah lazy I know!!! Defo thought a take away would be better so we had pizza and there's no need to leave the sofa and get dressed to eat that, is there?? So this is where the two not very wells and the little man spent their New Years Eve.....

Watching film after film and a bit of Nickolodeon as well. No too bad at all, we got to watch a lot of great Disney films and just relax together. Today has been more or less the same and uhm.... Left over pizza tastes so good the next day.

How was your New Years Eve???

December 2012

                               Happy New Year to you all!
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