Thursday, 28 June 2012

And we're off!!!

On Friday at 8am we're starting the car then slowly backing out of our driveway and off we are towards our first stop, Cologne in Germany. After a night there we''ll head off towards Torcy in France to stay one night in a hotel only 10 minutes from Disneyland....

Yes, you guessed right, Disneyland is where we going!! Woo hoo.... Sunday morning we'll get up and drive the 10 minutes to get there and 3 days of magic can begin. We're so so excited and I'm not sure who's more excited the children or us! Not to worry if my blog is a bit quiet for a little while, I will make sure to write as soon as possible about our adventures with lots of pictures.

We're going on a mini Euro trip on our way back home from Disneyland to Denmark. Brussels, Scheveningen, Hannover being our main stops... might sound a bit random and actually it kind of is! It doesn't make it less exciting though and I'll let you know all about it. Now I will be continuing packing the car and getting the dvd players ready for the princess and little man to watch on our road trip.

Where are you off to on holiday this year? Are you jumping with excitement like these two....??

(I am a tiny bit worried about how my MS will behave, but I am not willing to let it decide how my honeymoon and holiday turn out though!)

Monday, 25 June 2012

Fike lather, sike lon!

Confused?? Well, so am I! 'Spoonerisms' - a word completely new to me... The daddy explained and said he used to practice it all the time. It seems like his son takes after him on this weirdness as well....

The little man yesterday: "Can you show me the Bhost Gusters on the computer, daddy?"

Earlier today the princess was singing Benny and the Jets by Elton John. 
The little man trying to sing along went: "Jenny and the Bets" He just doesn't seem to be able to stop now...
Like his face pulling which the daddy can't seem to stop photographing!

Friday, 22 June 2012


Not a big professional one but one performed by a big bunch of talented 5 to 9 year olds. We went to see the princess perform this afternoon. She and 2 other girls were walking on a tightrope (safe wooden one a foot off ground) using an umbrella to keep her balance! The adults who made all this happen were very entertaining and had done a brilliant job getting these very talented children perform fantastically. There was kung-fu, singing, shooting water baloons, dancing, strong men, cowboys on horses and gymnastic girls! They were all amazing and lots of proud grandparents and parents were cheering and filling the hat with coins. Coins that will help the after school club make it even more fun going there. The princess loves it and all her friends do too!
The princess needed an umbrella for the show so I got the little man one too. He loved it and asked me to take a photo of him!
He's such a little poser but who cares when you're that good looking!!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

A packet came today.....

From Amazon filled with must haves!

I love shopping online from Amazon! I love waiting in excitement for the packet to arrive!

Do you shop on the internet?

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Can you believe it?

I thought they were too old to pull a stunt like this.... Apparently not! One mini smartie in the little man's nostril. Just like he did at the age of 18 months - put a rasin up his nostril and the princess put 2 sweetcorns up her nostril, also aged 18 month (read).
So what happened then?? Well, apparently the princess told the little man to put it up his nose and so he did... He normally doesn't take orders well and especially not from his big sister. This one he couldn't  resist though!
Lukily the little man does listen when it comes to the crunch. He blew hard and out come one smartie... He was upset, that he wasn't allowed to eat it now it finally came out!

Earlier today, before all this smartie shenanigans, the house was calm and quiet as the princess and little man were testing their new portable dvd players.

I was booking hotels for our little trip through Europe after we go to Disneyland!

How was your Sunday?

Saturday, 16 June 2012

A speech, a rose, a diploma, a cuddle and very proud little girl!

Last night the princess' class had a goodbye party at school, it was just her class and all us parents. There's still 2 weeks before the school holiday starts but it was nice it was yesterday so we got to chat to the other parents before holiday starts. It was so lovely, their fantastic teacher had prepared a personal speech for each child and they were sat one after one in a golden chair whilst they had their speech, a diploma, a rose and a big cuddle. The princess was a bit shy but so proud!
We had all brought in a dish of some kind of dinner and it was all put on a big buffet. The children didn't sit down for long, let alone eat much! Having the whole school to themselves was too exciting not to explore. So the evening was spent running around playing hiding games while us parents chatted and enjoyed the food! When the evening ended there were 2 tired little people in the back of the car... didn't make them sleep in this morning though.... Wonder if that will ever happen!!

Do your children sleep in when up later than their normal bedtime??

Thursday, 14 June 2012

2 weeks and we're off to Disneyland.

As from tomorrow morning at 8am, there's excactly 2 weeks untill we start driving towards Disneyland. Thought it might be a good idea to invest in a dvd player for the car. It's a long drive down to Paris. I easily convinced myself we could not live without these portable dvd players, they don't just play dvd's they also play CD's so really no excuse not to get them, eh!? Føtex had them on offer so off the daddy went! He got one in pink for the princess and a black one for the little man. Both with a strap that attach it to the front seat and headphones so they can watch their film in peace and we can be spared the sound.
Also, they don't always want to watch the same film. Well, we'll not have to have that argument now will we! Of course, another one could start instead as suddenly they have to watch the same film just because.... No, not even that can ruin my excitement. 2 weeks woop woop, I can't wait!!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Oddparent..... Oddbride!

This cute couple were one of our wedding presents. There're so sweet, a tiny bit odd (like I am) and make me smile!
They have been placed on the window sill which is their new home! Next to them are the flowers we had on the tables at the wedding. They're still standing strong a week on...
It's a bit weird that it's all over. We have been planing it for so long and now it's done.... We did have an amazing day and I'm smiling everytime I think about it. Then there's all the fantastic pictures and videos we can enjoy again and again! Ah, we musn't forget the honeymoon in 3 weeks time. Disneyland here we come.... We're all very excited, the princess and little man counting the days till we leave.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Been there, done that, got the picture....

About a hundred metres away from me she was, the Queen of Denmark, right here in our little town! The sun deciding to look out from behind the clouds as she is here. I was impressed, so was the daddy, the princess and little man not so much.... Here she is next to the Mayor who married us less than a week ago!

 Can't really blame them being a bit bored with all the waiting around...
Have a great weekend and don't forget to join the Weekend Blog Hop over at Clairejustine.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

The Disney way to eating meatballs!

In Denmark, where we live, meatballs (in Danish "frikadeller") are more or less a national food. So when your children do not eat them it's kind of frowned upon.... Well, the princess has been loving them for years now so she's in the clear but the little man is not a meat eater.
It has never bothered me or the daddy that the little man didn't eat meat. I was convinced he'll eat it when he felt the need to and I was right. Yesterday he was watching Disney's Lady and the Tramp. He was very fascinated and loved the scene where they share a plate of spaghetti and meatballs.
He asks "Mummy, can we have spaghetti and meatballs for dinner tomorrow?"

"Of course we can!"

So for dinner tonight that's what we had! Drum roll please......
The little man ate all his meatballs! Yeah, he's in the clear now too..... Woop Woop!

All it took was a Disney film.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Just Married......

Yes, we are and we had such a fantastic day just the way we wanted it to be.
I'll let the pictures do the talking.....

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