Thursday, 27 December 2012

Oh, so many presents and a dancing Santa!!!

He was not real though but still shook his belly! He lives (only in December though) in Nana and Papa's pub where we were having Christmas lunch. The princess and little man mesmerised for a moment there.... Oh, you're wondering why the little man's wearing a cape on top of his nice clothes? Well, he got a Darth Vader mask and cape, did manage to convince him to not wear the mask though!
We enjoyed our fantastic Christmas lunch, played games and got even more presents! You wouldn't think there would be more presents though, not after you've seen the lot in front of the tree!
We woke up to this sight in Nana and Papa's house Christmas morning.... Just magic!!

Hope you all have had a great Christmas?

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Christmas holiday!

Monday the princess started her Christmas holiday a bit earlier having to stay home from school with a temperature. Tuesday the daddy followed and Wednesday the little man.... I seemed to not be following them so I got the packing done and Thursday we piled everything and everyone in the car and off we went!
We're now in England relaxing trying to beat a nasty cold that seems to have got to us all. Yes, I woke up Friday morning not feeling well.....
Luckily I didn't get too bad before we actually got here so driving through 4 countries before we got to Calais went fine, and we had a nice rest on the ferry to Dover, drove the last couple of hours before arriving at nana and papa's.

Despite feeling unwell the children were very excited and so happy to see everyone. Their little cousin had been waiting and it was lots of laughs and cuddles when they all three saw each other!

Monday, 17 December 2012

The Skateboard....

The little man had wished for a skateboard and the lucky little man got one!! He's moster (aunty) had heard his wish and decided to grant him it... He was more than over the moon! A while back he had tried his friend's skateboard and ever since been saying he wished for one for Christmas. I was a bit sceptical as at only 5 years old, thought he might be a bit too young. He's not... he's brilliant on it and look so cool!

So happy the snow has nearly gone so he could get to try it. He's a born skater....

His other big wish for Christmas was granted too. Mormor (grandma) bought him a basketball net. That though, he will have to wait to after Christmas to try out. 3 more days and we're on our way to England!

Saturday, 15 December 2012

The daddy has just descovered our kitchen.....

.... and also an app on his phone called reciepes! It's mainly the cake recipes he looks up! He has so far made banana bread, fudge (which was a flop and couldn't be eaten) and today he has just made chocolate chip cookies! They look yummy, don't they??
We had friends around yesterday and they liked his banana bread (phew... I don't think he would have let them leave if they'd said otherwise), the daddy was praised for his effort and was one very happy man!!
Today morfar (grandad) and his wife came to give the princess and the little man their Christmas presents. We're spending Christmas in England this year so we have pre Christmas before we leave. I really like that as we don't have to take the presents from the Danish lot back and forward plus the princess and little man get to enjoy their presents a bit more, having them spread out like that! This way the Danish lot get to enjoy the children excitedly opening their presents. Also no doubt there'll still be lots of presents in England under Nana & Papa's tree. Thanks to online shopping, all our presents for everyone are already safely waiting for us at Nana & Papa's house, ready to get wrapped. It's a win win situation, isn't it??

Do you bring the presents back and forward if you travel to see family for Christmas??

Friday, 14 December 2012

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Thank you, Papa!

For the amazing advent calenders you sent us. We love them....

Love from your grandchildren xxx

Papa found these lovely advent calenders here !
They are fantastic with amazing pictures, music and little stories.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

An end to all the Christmas parties.....

Thursday night was the last of the many Christmas shenanigans we've been running to all week. For some reason all the Christmas parties etc. land in one week but on a positive note, then it's done and we can relax!
Anyway, Thursday the princess and 2 other girls from her class were singing, something she'd really been looking forward to! Sorry the quality is not great on the pictures, we were too far away.

She was so cool and all three of them were very sweet singing their hearts out! There were lots of other perfomances and the little man got a bit fidgety and decided to overlook it all form the top......
Friday morning it was two tired children who were woken by an equally tired mummy..... But now we can relax and enjoy the weekend. Today with playdates, tomorrow in the house as the weatherman has promised a big snowstorm will hit us!! I don't mind so much as long as it's calmed down on monday and the snow is cleared off the roads.

What are you up to this weekend??

You could join the blog hop over here...

Sunday, 2 December 2012

One more advent calender, snow, Elves, Fairies and a little Christmas train.

Yesterday a big packet came in the post.... It was advent calenders from Nana to add to the two the princess and little man already had been given. Both mormor (grandma) and moster (aunty) had also had the same thought....
 Today we woke up to find snow outside....
 ....and that the Fairy had delivered the Christmas tree. Every year it's so exciting to see when it will be delivered. The Fairy sits on top and she has put the lights on. The rest is for us to decorate!

That was not all.... The Elves had also been sometime in the night because the little man and princess' stockings had things in them. Magazines and treats which lead to more screams of joy.
The Christmas market was today too, so we popped down for a while but it was very cold. The princess and little man did get a ride on the little train before we called it a day.
Back home again hot chocolate and tea got us warmed up again.

What have you been up to on this 2nd day of December??

Saturday, 1 December 2012

The tree is now lit....

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1..... "Wow" the crowd went!
Before that happened this special visitor, yes you guessed right, Father Christmas arrived by boat to do the honours.... Can you see him waving to all the excited children (and excited parents) ??
The princess and little man got to shake his hand before we all followed him and the band (yes, there's a Christmas band why wouldn't there be.....) to see the Christmas tree get lit!

That you can call a Christmas band, eh....??
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