Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Is the name of the band who won the Danish song contest for children. It's so much better than the adult song contest, I think. (I miss when all the countries sang in their own language. It was so much more entertaining!) Well, back to the danish childrens song contest MGP it's called. It's brilliant, the children write their own music and lyrics, do their own little dance routines and they're all so cute. We watched the show 3 weeks ago. The princess loved it and we got her all the 10 songs on CD.
Result: She now knows all the ten songs by heart! Her bedroom door is closed for hours, music playing loudly and the princess singing even louder!
Suddenly silence and we all have to come in.
"Please put your hands in the air...!" 
Look at the concentration!

She's so much cooler than I was at her age. There was no childrens song contest but I loved it every year when the european songcontest was on. I tried to memorise all 30 songs in their original language so I could sing them in front of my mirror. I had a hairbrush as a microphone!
Maybe you can imagine what that sounded like....!!?? Not good I tell you!

Friday, 24 February 2012

She did it again!

Asked me if she can have this thing of mine when I die.... This time it was an item of clothing, last time it was a pen (read)! Guess I should be flattered as it must mean my 6 year old daugther likes what I wear. To be fair she did ask me first if she could have it when I grew out of it. When I answered that I didn't really plan on growing any bigger she shrugged her shoulders and asked "Can I have it when you die then?"

It's this lovely thing my dear friend in England bought me last Easter. It's my favourite thing to wear!

Do you have a favourite item of clothing? Do your children want them?

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Thursday, 23 February 2012

The little man baking cake for his big sister.

First the spoon needs checking out....
Then pour in the cake mixture....
Stir for a minute which by the look on his face needs full concerntration....
Hmm..... smells alright!
And now to the best part.....
Finished result decorated with whipped cream and hundreds and thousands....
The little man made his big sister very happy!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Beach Style!

A day at the beach last summer. The beach is only ten minutes from our house and we do go there in all kinds of weather. Thought it had to be a sunny picture from there for you to see. There were lots of little harmless jellyfish in the water that day, which made the little man and the princess a bit wary of going in the water.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Why wouldn't you swallow a stone....

Today, first day of half term, the princess, don't forget she's 6, swallowed a stone. I thought things like that were way in the past. Like putting things up your nose is a toddler thing. (read) Clearly I was wrong! She has had this clear blue shiny, smooth stone the size of a pound coin in her room for a while. A bit like this...

She's used it for lots of different things when she played. Today she swallowed it.... To be honest I'm glad it smoothly went all the way down instead of getting stuck. I didn't need to tell her off as the fear in her eyes seemed punishment enough. Instead we had a safety talk about why things do not go in your mouth, except food! I also told her that this story would have to be told over and over again in the future.. That - she didn't like so I'm pretty sure she won't swallow a stone again! I rang the doctor to check if we just wait for it to come out the other end... we do! So the next 24 hours or so, another job has to be done.... I'll leave that to your imaginations!
I have to ask, is it just my children who have to try these things? Would love to hear from you guys, if your children have been up to similar things? Or worse...!

Saturday, 18 February 2012

The day I think I met my Guardian Angel.

Was a Sunday afternoon at the end of September 4½ years ago. It was when I was in a Neurology Hospital (Queens Square in London) for 3 weeks and could only have the princess (only 2 at the time) and the little man (3 weeks old) visiting me 5-6 hours a day. It was when the sound of little feet running down the hall was the best sound in the world! (read)  It was when an Irish woman was admitted to my ward.
She wore sunglasses, had curly black hair and a lot of it. She was chatty, smiley and we soon got talking. I asked why the sunglasses and she aswered MS. I suddenly felt relieved, hopeful, even happy because I was not the only one with MS.
She told me her relapses would come very suddenly. Like the other day when she was walking her three children to school and nursery. Suddenly she fell, luckily nothing happened and she managed to get the children where they needed to go and just got home before all energy was used up. She told all this with a very positive attitude and was just matter of fact about everything.
Then her husband rang. After talking to him she told me that he was struggling keeping things together, the children were upset missing their mummy, could she come home? She said, that it was more stressful being in hospital, that now the MS could do whatever, she was going home.... The next morning she discharged herself and was gone!
When the daddy, princess and little man came to visit me that morning, they were met by a happy, rosey cheeked, smiling, still paralysed but very hopeful and determined me. I felt there was nothing I couldn't do. The nurses all noticed, the family noticed, I noticed!
Was this woman there to tell me to get on with it, that life goes on? That giving up was not a choice I had? Was she my Guardian Angel?

Friday, 17 February 2012

Tinker Bell the princess chose to be!

She and a lot of very (overly) excited dressed up children at school were all ready to have a day of fun!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

"To infinity and beyond!"

Tommorrow is medicine day. It's the day every 4 weeks I go to the clinic to have my MS medicine. It's nice it's only every 4 weeks but what is not so nice, is to be reminded about the fact I have MS. I don't think about my illness in my daily life. Of course I have the stick with me at all times but that's part of me now. I even think that, if I somehow got a lot better suddenly and could walk normally again, I would feel weird without the stick, kind of naked!

At least it's Friday and also the beginning of half term. We now have a whole week off! Well, not the daddy, he only gets 3 days at the end of the week, but the princess, little man and I have a whole week off! Whoop whoop....
School has their "Fastelavnparty" (read) tommorrow so the princess is very excited. She hasn't yet decide what she'll go dressed up as. The little man had his "Fastelavnparty" yesterday at nursery and he went as.... Drumroll please!
I'll let you know what the princess goes as tommorrow!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Muffin the Dictator!

Our cat only does things her way and no other way. She has chosen a new place to sleep which is our lovely soft office chair. So I had to sit like this working on the computer earlier! She didn't leave me much space to sit on!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Side ponytails.....

... not just a regular one, a sofisticated one. So at 6.30 am this morning the princess asked for half a French plait and half a side ponytail. Hmmm.... can I pull it off? Or will I have an angry princess not happy with her mummy? Phew... I did pull it off, well at least the princess was satisfied! Must say I think I did quite well.

Having cool uncle and his equally cool girlfriend visiting at the moment, the little man watched her and the princess putting nail vanish on yesterday. "Me too, me too..." he requested and he willingly let his big sister do it. He wouldn't let me take a picture of his nails straight away. I managed later though when he was concentrating on playing x-box.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Then there were two.....

... roses! When the little stars walked off stage last night they were given a rose each again, this time a real red one! Now the princess' roses are placed on the dinner table for us all to enjoy.
One more week and it's half term! Woo hoo a week off! Here in Denmark we celebrate "Fastelavn" (sorry no English translation availible) but I'll explain. The short version is that the children dress up as anything they like, schools, nurseries etc have a party where a barrel full of goodies is hung up. One after one the children hit it with a bat and the one who makes it break and fall down, will be crowned King! It's a lot of fun and there's lots of other traditions to "Fastelavn" which I won't bore you with!
At school and nusery they're preparing at the moment so the princess and little man make masks and get their face painted. Not always easy to recognise them when I pick them up!

Friday, 10 February 2012

Tonight is the night....

... where the princess has her debut on stage and sings her heart out with 28 other six year olds. She'll be dressed in a very cute pink princessy dress, a shiny gold (not real gold of course) crown and makeup. I saw their dress rehearsal yesterday, well most of it was a bit blurred as tears kept filling my eyes! A bit like this actually......
They were all given a little rose as they walked off staged. The princess excitedly told me, that the one they get today is properly red!
 I better pack some tissues for tonight's show and wear waterproof mascara!

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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

What would you call your band?

If you had one that is! It was the big talk at the dinner table today. The daddy has had several so he goes first. The first one was called Oasis (this was 5 years before the real and very popular Oasis) the next one was called Mind Riot, then it was Spinner and finally The Sextones. I met the daddy when he was the drummer in The Sextones. Word of advice, do not fall in love with the drummer however cute and handsome he is. Carrying a drum kit on the London Underground is not funny!
Next up was me... I had a band with my oldest friend when we were 8 years old, Labana it was called! We only had a tiny keyboard with not enough keys to play a real song, which didn't matter really, as none of us could play!
The princess thought about it for a little while, processing the fact her mummy has had a band as a child. She actually looked quite shocked! She finally decided her band should be called SpaceRocket. Not a bad name is it...?
The little man was the last one to be asked what he would call his band.... With absolutely no hesitation he announced "Mike"! "That's what you would call your band?" "Yes daddy, Mike."

What did you talk about at the dinner table today?

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

It's -12 degrees but that's not stopping them.....

The daddy, princess and little man are off to do some sledging!

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Sunday, 5 February 2012

The little man and his Papa.

Nana and Papa were here to visit us between Christmas and New Year (read) and the daddy took this lovely picture. I played a bit with it in Picnic which now is an option in Picasa.

Friday, 3 February 2012

They do grow up too fast, don't they?

I'm talking about the children especially the youngest one seem to grow up a lot faster than the oldest one.
Last weekend the little man wanted to have a haircut like his daddy. I had to tell him (as in lie to him) that little boys are not allowed that short hair. He bought it but wanted a haircut anyway and this time (not like last time he asked the same, read ) his lovely little curls had to go, he doesn't look that happy about it does he? Probably more because he had to sit still!

He was quickly loosing his patience but I did manage to finish before his patience was all used up! Cute isn't he...
But it's not just the big boy hair cut is it...? He has grown a lot lately as well so his bed has had to be extended.
What will the next be? Ah... I know he's off to school!

Have a great weekend.

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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

7 things about me.

When I recieved the award yesterday, I was told to tell you 7 things about myself. Hmmm..... That could turn out to be pretty boring or very interesting, kind of depends how you choose to look at it! Well the choice is yours so here goes.....

1. I live in Denmark, am Danish and soon married to a Brit, who's also my soulmate through the last 10 years! (actually you probably already know this, if you've read the page About me)

2. If the bottom tray in the dishwasher doesn't slide in nice and easy, I get really angry, I wriggle it so hard it nearly comes off which defo just makes it worse.

3. I am not to be allowed to eat tacos in public. I absolutly love them which is why I can't be allowed to eat them in public. So Taco Bell is no go for me......

4. My favourite film is Silence of The Lambs.

5. I know nothing about music. I love most music, pop, rock, country you name it but never know who sings what song.... (which really bugs my soon-to-be-husband)

6. I have a cat with a dogs personality.

7. I love the series Modern Family.
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