Monday, 30 July 2012

Earrings and Top Model drawing books.

Those are books the princess had wished for and her wish was granted... 3 books she got for her birthday! I'm not good enough at drawing to be allowed to have a go, but her moster (aunty) is. So a morning spent at her house was just the best! She came home beaming and with beautifully painted nails as well! Moster is the No 1 at the moment! She took the princess to have her ears pierced just after her birthday. Now there's no way any of us can get the No 1 spot however hard we try. Well, as long as the princess is happy....
Tomorrow moster will have a day with the little man (no, his ears won't get pierced... EVER!) I will take the princess to have her hair trimmed and my own too. That I'm still allowed to do... maybe I'm slowly making my way back to the top...
You can make your own lovely free collage here.

Or maybe you'll be the winner of some lovely things from here so make sure you have a look!

Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Motte and Bailey.

My in-laws run a pub now. It's in the village where they live and the whole family help out there. I can't wait for the Christmas holiday when we come over and can be a part of the village pub life, and I'd love to have Christmas dinner there. The daddy can do a shift or two behind the bar, maybe I can do a sign even though uncle's signs are really cool! The princess and the little man can help Nana in the kitchin by making a mess... Anyway, here's some pictures of the pub and if you're passing through Pirton, Hertfordshire, do pop in please and say hi from me!

What do you think?

Monday, 23 July 2012


Summer is here! Lets make the most of it then. So we did, today in the garden.

The 'pool' might be small but their imagination is big! They saw fish, crabs and things I've never heard of before.
Tomorrow, the weatherman is promising weather like today but even warmer. Do we dare trust his words!?!

Are you enjoying your summer wherever you are?

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Cake and the daddy's donuts...

Phew.... The princess didn't wake up before 5.15am on her birthday on friday. That's still way to early but lets face it, she was soooo excited. Apparently turning 7 is so amazing it also reqires jumping up and down. She easily found her presents which we had hid (her request) and the dress she had wished for was one off them! Rapunzel's... and her hair, well of course not all of it!
She knew excactly how she wanted her cake to look like so pressure was on to make it excactly right. She helped me and was happy with the result. Phew... After the daddy has bought us (as in himself) a donut maker, he makes them every time he has a chance. You'll be asked how good they are... So no birthday without the daddy's donuts. Fair enough, he made loads and was also making sure all the guests told him excactly how good they thought they were....
Would you like a donut??

Art by children.

Maybe not all of you will call it that. Paintings, drawings etc and a lot of it. Everyday the princess is either drawing, painting, cutting or some other creative activity. Some I hang up and as you can see in the pictures in my previous post, it's hung up everywhere in the house. This is one of my favourites which she drew on her chalkboard. Apperently it's her and her boyfriend but I didn't say that!
There's a sale on here at the moment so it might be a good idea to stock up if you also have creative children!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Tomorrow you'll be 7 years old....

I can't believe my little princess is 7 - where did the time go... You've been so so excited and told us when you went to bed that you probably were gonna wake at one in the morning. Please don't.... Flags are up (in Denmark you decorate with danish flags at all kinds of celebrations) balloons as well, cards on the table and presents are hidden. Just as you requested.
So honey, mummy's off to bed hoping you're not waking at 1am as you were pretty sure you would.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Wordless Wednesday or in my case not so Wordless Wednesday....

Nothing like a big cardboard box. Just so exciting to play with.... So we did!

Let's decorate it... We did, put blankets in and on top to make it cosy!
What is it then...?? Well, you choose! It can be anything you like it to be.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

"but you're my daddy"

The Ipod is playing and the Jackson 5 comes on with "blame it on the boogie" and the daddy asks his offspring if they remember who sings the song? Hmmm.... no answers immediately so he asks "who do I think is the greatest singer in the world?" With no hesiatation the princess answers "me!"
"No honey, it's Michael Jackson"... "but you're my daddy so you should think I'm the best singer in the world"

How do you recover...???

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Scheveningen, Holland.

We went there and loved it! The beach was so lovely and busy. We loved these very cool sculptures. You could climb on them, crawl into them or copy them... They are called 'Fairy Sculptures by the Sea' by artist Tom Otterness.
The weather was amazing which resulted in two very wet children... I do consider myself quite practical and normally always bring extra clothes etc. Well, I forgot so new clothes were bought and everyone was yet again dry!

The little man, with help from the daddy, chose a Spanish kit.... Whereafter we chose to eat dinner at an Italian Restaurant! No wonder the waiters gave us a bit of stick!
We were looking for new sandals as well but didn't find anything. Now we're back home I got my eye on this website.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Long car journey?? Here's some tips for you....

We've just been on a car journey and as I wrote here a couple of weeks before we left, we had bought these dvd players for the car journey. They were used and did their job to keep the princess and little man entertained. It did nothing for them getting an achy bottom from sitting in the car hours at a time though. Well, we did do short stops quite often and every time I told them to shake their bottoms! It did help but looked silly though but who cares. The daddy on the other hand thought he'd put more action into it..... Not a bad idea at all!

It defo helped their achy bottoms so they'd happily sit for hours again in the car. We're back home now and straight away had to start planing the princess' birthday. It's next Friday (20th). She had lots of wishes so we went for the easy way... The internet! All her presents are ordered at Toys'R'us, very easy.
Click here!

Monday, 9 July 2012

And we're back....

Wow wow wow... It was 3 absolutely AMAZING days!!!!! We had the best time ever... Disneyland is FANTASTIC!!!! We tried all the amazing rides! We met Belle and the last day - Rapunzel. We saw a car stunt show! We had breakfast with Mickey Mouse and his friends. We had lovely dinners and just an amazing time.... It was like a Fairytale!

DAY 1.
Tea cups spinning around, family photo, a princess and lots of fun. The little man and the princess needed a little break every now and then so mummy's wheelchair came in handy in more than one way! By the way, Disneyland is fantastic for us disabled, we get fantastic treatment so we can go on the rides together as a family. We were all amazed and overwhelmed and after a busy first day we rested in the lovely hotel. The princess and little man got to play with their new toys they bought with their holiday money.

DAY 2.
We spent the whole 2nd day in the Disney Studios. It was as amazing and exciting! We made our own cartoon, saw a stunt show and had a very exciting dinner with an entertaining chef...

DAY 3 and our last day....
We drove cars, met Rapunzel and the last thing that we did before our 3 days in Disneyland Paris were over, was watching the parade! AMAZING.....

The rest of our mini Europe trip and honeymoon you'll hear more about later.

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