Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Spiderman and Spiderman 2.

No, not the film! It's my son and his daddy I'm talking about. My son got a Spiderman costume for his birthday from his uncle. The look on his daddy's face was indescribable. Probably because he claims to be Spiderman. Why you might ask...??? I know I do but apparently it's a secret!!
Well the costume obviously had to be tried on.
And just look at the little man....
He looks so cute and does look like the real Spiderman don't you think...??? I do! I have a feeling that his daddy feels a bit threatened. But I know he also feels proud that his son carries on the Spiderman legend because as I said earlier, he claims to be the real Spiderman and has told his children he is! I have decided to completely stay out of any explanation he surely has to make in years to come!!
I guess it feels quite safe having not just one Spiderman but 2 Spidermen living in our house!

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Your feet don't match your face.......

We have returned from a lovely holiday in England staying with nana and papa for 10 days. One of the first nights there this story was told.

Nana and her eldest daughter were sitting in the living room watching TV one night. Nana looks at her daughter's bare feet and says: " Your feet don't match your face...!! " and straight after adds " You have such a pretty face....!!! " Which is very true but there is no way of back tracking from the first statement...... I so love it when people speak before thinking. I guess it's because then I'm not the only one doing it!!!!

Friday, 13 August 2010

Donuts in all the colours you can think off!! What more can you wish for........

Well I could probably easily mention a few other things I wish for but let's leave it for now.....We are off to England on holiday in a few days. We are all very excited. Nana just asked if any wishes regarding food.  My children and their daddy wish for fairy cakes, ginger bread men and donuts! Lots and lots of donuts!!!

I do understand them when I see all these very colourful ones. They do look delicious. Talking about the word delicious! What a delightful word. It oozes happiness and sounds funny. As does the name of the cake I love. Chocolate Eclaires! Eclaires....What kind of word is that? Do think it fits the cake though which is so very delicious! I ate a lot of them when I was pregnant with my daughter.

So maybe that's why she loves cakes or it's in her genes? Obviously the ones she got from her daddy! Because my son is equally as big a cake lover so must be the genes.

Back to food wishes. I wish for Indian food. Tikka Massala is my favourite.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Laminator 2.

I bought myself a laminator a while ago. So exciting!!! I laminated the children's drawings straight away. Looked fantastic. Can't say my children and their daddy share my excitement. But there are so many things you can laminate. Little buisness cards I have absolutely no use for but they are so cute!!

My daughter is gluing little pictures on to paper. So I ask her. " What about laminating it? " She looks at me a bit confused. Not at all knowing what I'm talking about. But says: " Yes mummy " I have of course forgotten all about how much glue a 5 year old uses! The result is a weird smell and a bit of smoke.....No panic (actually think it's only me about to panic as everybody else has gone to play in the garden) I let the laminator cool and then take it apart. Yep burned glue! No problem... I clean it off and put it back together. Cleaning goes well, fixing it not so well!!!!! Luckily one of the supermarkets had laminators on special at the weekend. And a smarter one! So welcome laminator 2. We are all happy again. Well I am. The rest of the family don't seem to care so much about whether we have a laminator or not!!!!
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