Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Happy New Year - Have a lovely last day in 2015.

The daddy took this picture Chritmas Eve. I love it and leave you with it wishing you very Happy New Year.

See you in 2016!

Friday, 25 December 2015

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

The Letters.....

They're sent!
All the presents are put in the bags and ready for the Danish Christmas on the 24th. Will there be more presents for us when it's English Christmas on the 25th?? I'll let you know.... For now Merry Christmas everyone.

Friday, 18 December 2015

Now it's holiday....

Today was last day of school. Today was don't-come-to-school-until-10am. Today we nearly got to school late for the first time. We slept in a bit and we had tea, bread and fruit in front of the tv. We didn't get dressed right away and we therefore ended up rushing a bit. Typically when you have loads of time you nearly run late.
Ah well, we made it in time. There were singing and the nativity play then the handing over presents to their teachers. There were the Happy Christmas' and the Goodbuy's and the see-you-soon's to do before we headed home.

Now we have two weeks off before school start again.

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

And now it's nearly Christmas.....

The time go so fast and we're so busy - fun and nice busy but never the less very busy! Saturday we went to Flensborg in Germany to enjoy their Christmas Spirit. It was lovely and very Christmassy both inside and outside.
Nana has been and gone bringing a massive suitcase with presents. The schoolparty with the princess performing has been and gone. Yesterday the princess sang with 300 other 9-10 year olds at a big Christmas concert. Today it's Christmas fun at gymnastics and Friday it's the last day then holiday! YEAH!!!
The Christmas tree arrived Saturday morning, delivered by our fairy who sits in the top, and the princess and little man have decorated it.
This year we're spending christmas in Denmark so all the shenanigans are happening on the 24th at night. We do though have our own little Christmas again on the 25th were we open all the presents from the English lot.

We are all very much looking forward to Christmas and can't wait to relax and watch Christmas films.

Are you looking forward to Christmas? 

Sunday, 1 November 2015


The little man had a friend here last night for a Halloween sleepover. The princess was a friend's house for a sleepover so it was just the 2 boys who went Trick and Treating.
They came back with their bags filed completely up and could hardly eat the ghost cookie the daddy and pricess had made.
Have you had a wicked Halloween?

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Book 22 and 28 to go!

Just finished this book. It was billiant and a very easy read. It reminded me about when I had just had the princess and we spent our days going to different playgroups etc. I was never a yummy mummy but I met a few around the playgroups in Crouch End.
This was my book no. 2 this year. I agreed to do the #50booksin2015 but I don't think I'll get there in time. Looks more like I'll get to #25booksin2015.
My borther in law and his lovely wife are coming to visit from England tomorrow and staying for a few days. They're bringing some books for me. Yeah!!

Do you read? Can you recommend me any books?

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Relaxing with a cup of tea.

Yesterday it was back to school so no time for tv and a nice cup of tea in the morning. The picture is from Wednesday morning last week when it was half term.
Both the princess and the little man were looking forward to going back to school though. They both love school and had missed their friends. Also they the princess was off to see the musical Chicago with her dancegroup last night. It's one of the teachers from the dance/drama/sing company where she dances that was directing the musical. All the kids got to go backstage and then see the dress rehearsel afterwards. She was home late for a school night but it very rarely happens so we agreed it was okay. She's promised to not be moody this morning and she did keep her promise. She's up, dressed and eating her cereal.

Oooh, I finished my 22nd book this year. I'll make that a post for tomorrow or Thursday. It's a good book.

Have you had a good weekend?

Friday, 16 October 2015

Oops, I did it again.

Forgot to blog. Sorry, I know you missed me a lot and I will try and be better in then future. This week it has been half term in Denmark. We've enjoyed the time off trying not to do too much. The daddy had Monday and Tuesday off too and we all had some lovely days relaxing.
Now half term is nearly over and Monday it's back to school. Today we went Halloween shopping just the kids and I. The little man also bought himself a game for the X-Box. He had saved up and handed over a lot of coins to the lady behind the counter. It took a while to for her to count but it was all there.
I will try and be better to write here so don't give up me just yet.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015


I read a lot of books. I used to read a lot then I had children and I tried to still read but fell asleep more often than not trying. Now the princess and little man are bigger I have more energi to read again. Often at weekend mornings where we relaxe. I just finished this one and really really enjoyed it. I read One Day which David Nicholls also wrote a while back but I think this book is even better.

Have you read it??

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Birthdays with only a month apart.

(år means year)
We won this lovely Birthday cake from our local bakery. My sister and mum had entered the princess and little man in a compatition in the local paper. We were able to pick it up the day the little man had his Birthday party. How lucky is that!
The cake was meant for both children as their Birthdays are only a month apart. The little man got to blow out the candles though. His big sister is way to cool for doing that now she's 10 apparently.
The cake is normal sponge cake with melted brown sugar on top as well as marcipan, icing and lots of sweets. It's a very traditional Danish Birthday cake but Nana and Papa who was over from England loved it too. Nana got the recipe of the internet so she can attempt to bake one back in England. We will look forward to that next time we visit.

Have a lovely Sunday.

Monday, 17 August 2015

You know it's gonna be a great day when.....

Your 10 year old says:

"you look like a filmstar, mummy"

When you come out from the bathroom on a Monday morning.
I nearly asked her what she wanted or needed me to do or what she'd done but decided not to. Maybe she did just mean I looked amazing.
Well, I chose to believe that's what she meant.

It's going to be a lovely day.

Friday, 14 August 2015

A month ago.....

It's a month ago since I last posted on here. A month ago we since watched this magician make balloon animals. My excuse??? We went on holiday and I had to pack.
We left Denmark in a very heavy fully packed car and drove to Bremen where we stayed overnight. The next day we drove on to the Hook of Holland to catch the overnight ferry to Harwich. We arrived in England at Nana and Papa's on a Sunday morning nearly a month ago. 2pm lots of family members showed up for the big family football game. The daddy had arranged it all from the comfort of the sofa back in Denmark. The little man was the youngst player and the daddy and the little man's team won 9-1. They claim it was fair play....
The little man and the daddy waiting to come on the pitch. 

The day after the family football it was the princess' 10th birthday. She chose her birthday cake and got her biggest wish fullfilled. She finally got a mobile phone. We stayed with Nana and papa for a little over a week, had fun with our little cousin, had yummy food, flew kites and relaxed. We went to London for the day, saw it all (not really but most of the turist bits) and finished of the day going to see The Lion King. It was amazing. After London and Nana's amazing brunch the next day we drove to Nottingham. We spent 3 lovely days there before heading north to Newcastle and a little further north to Walwick where we were staying with friend we haven't seen for many years. Turned out they live on top of part of Hadrians Wall. They took us to a museum where we learned all about Hadrian, his wall and the Romans. We had a great time with them and by far not enough time. We had to get a ferry back to Amsterdam from Newcastle. A little over a week ago we arrived in Amsterdam at 9.30am. We drove home the same day and arrived at our house in Denmark at 9.30pm tired but happy having had an amazing holiday. Prepare for a massive amount of pictures below.

The princess' birthday cake.

Skipping all the way to the milkshake place in Hitchen.

 Flying kites at Dunstable Downs.
Crossed Tower Bridge.
Saw London Eye.
Watching the amazing street performers in Covent Garden.

Saw The Lion King.
Said bye bye London.
Went to Nottingham.
Loved the sweeping bush people in Nottingham.
Were greated by the angel of the north when entering Newcastle.
Hadrians Wall.
The princess and little man learning more about Hadrians Wall and the Romans.
Waiting to go onboard the ferry which would take us to Amsterdam. Loved seeing the Danish flag on the back.
 Bye England. We'll be back again at Easter next year.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Not long now.....

We have now entered the 3rd week of the school holiday and we are still enjoying just being at home and relaxing. The children have had a few playdates and spent a lot of time making these. They look on the internet for ideas.

Tomorrow the little man is off to Legoland with a friend and his family. The princess is off to her friends summerhouse to play for the day.
We are then celebrating the princess' birthday (a bit early as she wont be 10 until Monday) with the Danish side of the family tomorrow night.
Because Friday we're off to England on holiday YEAH!! My mum are staying in our house to look after Muffin the cat and to watch all the tv channels we have and she doesn't. Don't tell her I said that.....
We can't wait to go on holiday and this year we're visiting Nottingham and Newcastle both places we have never been before. First though we're spending 1½ week at Nana and Papa's.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Love the summer holiday

It's near the end of our 2nd week of school holiday. We're enjoying the late mornings and lazy days. We visited mormor (grandma) at her summerhouse wich is by the beach. We went for a swim (or the kids and mormor did) I just enjoyed the view and the lovely breeze. The kids collected loads of rocks and painted them back at the summerhouse.
This was Tuesday. Wednesday was stormy, rainy and sooooo cold. Today it feels like October. We want the summer back and hoping it'll happen soon. Until then we'll keep eye on all garden things as it's really windy out there....

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Summer is here and holiday - what's not to like!

Holiday - lazy mornings - sleepovers and dinner outside. Well, we've nearly finished the first week of holiday and the weather has been amazing. So the little tiny pool has been set up and we eat outside nearly every night. The children and I relaxe and have icecreams before lunch some days (don't tell the daddy) and they have a little swim in our tiny little blow-up pool. I watch Wimbledon and prepare dinner. Yesterday it was spicy chicken and roasted veggies. Yummy!
In 2 weeks time the daddy starts his holiday and we're off to England. We're all very excited.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015


Yesterday was midsummer and here in Denmark it's celebrated with bon fires everywhere. We even put a witch at the top to burn. No, of course not a real one! But I do agree it's weird.... Anywho, we went with the children to the nearest beach to watch. It was lovely.
Friday the children's summer holiday starts. 6 weeks where I don't have to set the alarm for 05.55am. Love it.

Oh forgot to show our 2 new garden gnomes. Aren't they cute??

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