Sunday, 17 August 2014

Party in the park.

The princess had her 9th Birthday Party for her friends in a nearby park. It's big and there's lots to do and they all had lots of fun.
There's a dummy tree where lots of children all hang their dummies when it's time to give them up. The princess hung hers up (and I threw the rest in the bin) over 6 years ago but look what she spotted on the tree yesteday.....
The little man had a friend with him and they loved playing with the cute little goats....
(sorry about the poor quality of this last picture)

Monday, 11 August 2014

Back to school - 6 weeks of holiday over and out.

A haircut was needed the diglots thought and now they also decided I have no say in the length.... Well, they look cool and are happy so lets leave, right?!

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The Wedding!

Our dear friends got married on Saturday and we were there. We flew in from Denmark early in the morning, got our hire car and drove to the hotel. It took a while as my dear husband was so scared of harming the hire car....
We had plenty of time to kill though so a bit of shopping was done. Got myself a pair of shoes and some sunglasses. Oh, we of course got lots of little things for the little man and the princess who we had left in Denmark with mormor (my mum) too. After a big plate of English breakfast and the shopping, we found the village and the hotel. Such a lovely place, our room was behind the green door.
The ceremony was lovely and after we sat in the garden having drinks and nibbles. Dinner was ready - an amazing bbq and dessert was an icecream van (yes I of course did not get a picture of it) and cupcakes. Absolutely amazing.
We were back in Denmark again Sunday night after 36 hours in England and a wonderful time at a fantastisc Wedding.
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