Monday 27 March 2017

The last gymnastic show is finished

This is the tween (the one furthest to the right) 4 shows is done and dusted.

The little man had his last show too last Saturday but we didn't get a video. Here's a picture though.
And I was 'clever' forgetting to get the little man black shorts so he was the only one in long black tracksuit bottoms. And easy to spot....

Thursday 16 February 2017

Visit from Englang

The princess is 6, the little man is 4 and the little cousin has just turned 3 years old in this picture. Now the pri.... sorry the tween is 11, the little man 9 and the now bigger cousin is 8 in 2 weeks time.

Nana, Papa and cousin J arrived Tuesday night at 7pm-ish. They go home tomorrow night. Yesterday the weather was lovely - today it's grey but it haven't stopped the children from playing outside having a fantastic time. Last time cousin J was here in Denmark she was 3½ so she can't really remember it here. She did say after a few hours here Tuesday night:

"Aunty Mette I really like it here"

Awww I melted a bit there. We of course see her in England everytime we're there but it's speciel having her here.

Right now the kids have run off to the playground nearby despite the grey wet weather. They're having a great time.

Friday 10 February 2017

Half term starts today and I sent a Rubik cube to school

BIG Rubik cube made for the little man.

It's Fastelavn Party at school today. The kids dress up. We made a Rubic cube for the little man. Actually I did. The tween went as an Justin Bieber fan because it had to be cool....
From today it's half term and next week Nana, Papa and cousin J are coming from England to stay a few days. YEAH!!!!

Thursday 2 February 2017

Chess on a Saturday

The little man very much in the game. He didn't win that game but won 2 out of his 4 games.

The little man plays chess at the school's chess club every Wednesday afternoon. He loves it. They go to tournaments and play against other schools. I go with him and I'm always very impressed how quiet there is when they play. There are sometimes 24 kids in a room. They shake their opponent's hand and then everybody starts and it goes completely quiet. Amazing.
Last Saturday the picture above is from. It was 5 lovely hours with chess for the kids and free bread and coffe for the parents. Win Win... Well apart for they didn't win but they had a lot of fun.

Tuesday 10 January 2017

Christmas been and gone. Happy New Year

Christmas dinner ready -  actually just the starters and one of the desserts is on these photos.

We arrived in England in the middle of the night the 23rd of December. Our flight was delayed. BOOO!!!!

But apart from delayed flights to and also from England we had an amzing Christmas. Lots and lots of presents, amazing food, football, shopping a bit, pub lunch, seeing friends and family.

Baby cousin was bigger and thought her big cousins were funny. 
The little man went with his daddy, Papa, uncle D. to see Aston Villa. 42.000 people. They won and the little man (though not an Aston Villa fan) was impressed.
Pub Lunch. I had a pulled pork burger and fat chips. Very yummy!
Firework from our backgarden in Denmark.

We got back home just before midnight on th 30th of December. Just over 24 hours later we shouted Happy New Year! And watched the firework.

Wednesday 21 December 2016

The Princess on stage

The princess takes singing and drama classes at a Musical School nearby. She loves it and we love watching the shows they do. Last weekend she rehearsed for many hours. Saturday and Sunday afternoons they performed. Here's two pictures from the actually show and two from the many hours of rehearsals.

It was a great perfomance they all did and they all looked so happy and they enjoyed very much.

 Rehearsing the songs before the show.

A chat and a laugh in one of the 5 minutes breaks during rehearsals.

Now there's a break over Christmas and New Year. 2nd week in Januar they start up again. Tomorrow is last day of school and tomorrow is also when we're off to England.
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