Friday, 22 May 2015

Some days in England.

We went to England last week to visit Nana and papa and the rest of the family. We had some great days and was spoiled by everyone as we always are.
We went kiteflying and celebrated the daddy's birthday. We did some shopping because that's something we have to do when we're in England.
Friday morning we went to Funny Bones which is uncle's work. He is a children entertainer and very good at his job. He has classes every day twice and they are very good. So if you are near St. Albans check his website out Funny Bones for more info.

We're back to visit the family and to have a holiday in England in less than 8 weeks. We can't wait and this time we 're staying more than a few days. Here's a photo from our-fly-a-kite-day-out

Monday, 27 April 2015

3 books. Yeah!!

I read a lot at the moment and was running out of books to read. Living in Denmark means I can't just pop down town and find cheap paper backs in English. Saturday the daddy and I was on our way to celebrate our very good friend's daugther and we stopped for a toilet break. Of all the places this little shop had 3 books for £5. So I now have enogh books until we visit England i mid May. Yeah!!!!

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

25 years they have been married.

That's a very long time but they still look young because they were young when they married 25 years ago. Yesterday we celebrated my sister and brother in law. They had a brilliant day and loved the frame with flovers we had done around their front door Monday night. That's a Danish tradition and I don't know why so sorry can't tell why we do it but here's a few pictures. The princess helped put the flowers on too.

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