Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Half term fun!

Sunday we went out for dinner at a very nice (very child-friendly) place and had lovely dinner. They did have a proper dinner first before their ice cream despite what the pictures might look like.....

Monday we went to Dinoland which is not a land of dinosaurs even though it might sound like it. No, it's a softplay and there is however real look-a-like dinosaurs. They just expanded so there were lots of new things to explore.
Today we went to our new Frozen Yogurt place in town and joined in their balloon party. The children had to count the balloons or at least guess how many balloons. That done, the diglots had a lovely Frozen Yogurt.
What we are up to tomorrow?? Well, the princess has a playdate and the little man and I will find something fun to do, I'm sure. We can always tidy and clean.
Not fun for a child, would you say??

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Elvis came and went....

And he did soooo well both at the dress rehearsal Wednesday and at the big night Friday. The little man aka  "Elvis" mimed and danced to Jailhouse Rock in front of 300 people. He was brilliant! After the show Friday there was a party and the little man and princess danced the night away or until it finished at 8pm!

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The daddy and the diglots....

The little man looks like his daddy and is as stubborn as his him  - His daddy can do no wrong and is his best friend and absolute favourite person in the world. The princess can melt her daddy's heart just by looking at him and she wraps him around her finger which she is well aware of! She still thinks her daddy is the coolest and tell him everything. How lucky am I to have such a good daddy for our children??
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