Sunday, 25 August 2013

The one with yet another birthday party.

11 girls and boys came at 10am and the little man span the bottle so they all got to hand over their present one by one. The weather was great so we put blankets in the garden and they enjoyed a cupcake before they played. The princess had a trail of little girls after her and was amazing with them.... The boys made a huge train track, played on the trampoline and shot a few hoops.
At lunch time we sat them on blankets in the garden again, so much easier for us when it came to tidying up. Then it was time for the treasure hunt which the princess and the daddy were in charge of. They had just finished when it was time to be picked up again. They were all very well behaved and it was lots of fun, the little man had enjoyed his party he told us. Well, that's nice isn't it? We enjoyed it too but i must admit I'm tired now and looking forward to bedtime.

Friday, 23 August 2013

Birthday presents, so many and more to come....

The little man got lots of presents on his birthday and there was a lot of excited screams as he opened them. There will be more pressies on Sunday when the little man's class come for his birthday party. 3 hours of mayhem, treasure hunts and games - this time at our house. The princess is very excited as she is helping with it all and feels very important.
Cool uncle D and pretty aunty E gave him goalkeeper gloves.... Great uncle and aunty gave him a very cool leather football! He is one very happy boy.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Tomorrow the little man is 6... Can you believe it?

Well, I certainly can't! My little boy is 6 years old, in school and growing with a speed that's frightning. Today he helped me bake cup cakes to bring to school tomorrow. It's for his class and teacher. They'll enjoy them after morning assembly where the whole school will sing happy birthday for him. He's very excited! Just look at my little big chef in his appron... Where did the time go?

He's in bed now, sound asleep and the daddy and I have decorated the house with flags (that's what we do here in Denmark) and balloons. He can have a few presents in the morning and then we'll be celebrating with the grandparents and great aunty after school. I'm sure there'll be more pressies and a birthday song too.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

The party that went well....

The princess and her best friend wanted to have a birthday party for everyone in their class. Both of them have their birthday while it's school holiday so they were desperate to have the party as soon as they were back to school.
Today was the day. They decorated the cupcakes themself and the marsmallows on sticks got dipped in chocolate and sprinkles. We (us parents) hid the treassure chest and made a map. They had 4 posts to find and a task to do at each post before finding the treats. One task made the girls scream with horror... The boys had to put nail vanish on them! They did an okay great job, the boys.

They had a great party and they were two very happy girls when all had gone home. Tired yes, but happy!

Friday, 16 August 2013

Real Magic....

No no it's real, I tell you. The daddy, the little man and the princess are real magicians. You can see it all here with your own eyes. It's seriously good magic, isn't it?
Have you ever seen anything like it? No, neither have I... I'm so proud of my husband and our children for their amazing talent!

Monday, 12 August 2013

First day of school.

The little man started school today. The princess too but she's been going to school for 2½ years now. When I dropped her off this morning she hardly had time to say goodbye.... Just a quick "see you, mummy" and no kiss!

We were with the little man today for his first day, they are only there a couple of hours. From tomorrow it's normal school day for him too but today it was special. Red carpet, flags and all....

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Our adventure!

That's what I chose to call the Photo Book that I have been allowed to make here and I loved looking through our photos to find the ones I wanted in it. The daddy had a tiny say too but let's be honest, I was to make the photo decisions in the end. It was really easy to make and if it hadn't been I'm afraid I might have given up. Patience is not one of my strong sides, as in... I have no patience.
Well, back to the book. It has a hardcover and the pages are thick enough for me to let the little man and princess look in it unsupervised....
I have chosen photos from our wedding, our honeymoon in Disneyland, uncle and aunty's wedding and a lot more.

This is a review. All the opinions and words are my own.

Friday, 9 August 2013

This is it....

Last day of school holidays. Monday it's back to school and from now on I have 2 school children. No more babies, they have grown up! A bit too quickly though...
Anyway, we have had a lovely summer holiday and the children are soooo ready for school. Or is it me who's ready for them to go back?? No, I'm sure they miss their friends and teachers. The little man had 4 months in school before the holiday started and loved it. The children got to meet their teacher, class mates, they had time to get to know the school, how things work and got to know each other. He is very excited and so ready to start Monday but am I....?

We spent today going to our Library. We love it there and the princess had to change all the books she's been reading in the summer holidays. She's very close to reaching 5000 pages read which means she'll be given a t-shirt at school. She reads 10 pages or more a day and we write it down in her reading log and sign it. She's very excited to show it to her teacher on Monday.
Soon it's the little man as well. I love the reading program they have at school and are so happy the princess loves reading. I hope the little man will be as keen as her, today it was the sensory boxes at the Library that attracted his attention the most - counting how many of himself he could see..... The princess went straight for the art work after choosing new books.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

We're back home.

After 16 days away we're back home. Tuesday night we came back after 8 hours in the car travelling up through Germany. The day before we had tralleved 8 hours as well from Nana and Papa's house in Hertfordshire through France, Belgium, Holland and Germany to our hotel in Essen. I will write another post later with tips on driving long distances with younger children, what works for us that is.

Anyway it's nice to be home again. The weather is warm here but today it has rained all day. Do I dare say I have enjoyed the rain.... We have relaxed inside watching tv and we're nearly (not even close) to be completely unpacked. The princess has lined up all her birthday presents on the floor in her room. The little man has yet to empty his backpack with his holiday stuff. I guess he will when misses what ever toys are in there.

Back to our lovely holiday in England. This year we couldn't have asked for better weather and as we had already planned a 3 day trip to Brighton after the princess' birthday, we were so happy to go there in the heat. We haven't been since I was pregnant with princess so 8 years ago that is, but it was as lovely there as we remembered. The children went swimming, spent their pocket money on all kinds of rubbish, arcade games and a big stripy rock each. We met our good friends and their gorgeous children and spent the day with them. We had fish and chips on the pier and the daddy took the little man and princess up in the big wheel so they could look out over the sea and Brighton. Because we now have the Luggie for me, it was possible for us to go away just the 4 of us. Look below for pictures of our lovely time in Brighton.

In the big pile of post on the kitchen table when we came back Tuesday was this book. I had made it before we left and was to blog about it on my Danish blogs when it arrived. Well, I thought I might as well mention it here too as it is so cool and we just love it. Also with an impatient person like me, when it comes to technical things can make it, everyone can. I made it here and used this format. (just click England at the bottom to change the website to English).

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