About me.

My husband, my best friend, my soulmate and I, and our two lovely children live in a quaint little town in the middle of Denmark. The town is called Middelfart (you can laugh) translated Middlespeed.
We have a funny and beautiful princess with big blue eyes and blonde hair who lived her first 2 years of her life in London North London to be exact. Our little man is as dark haired and have big brown eyes as the princess is blond. He is stubborn but a lot of fun. He lived his first 4 month in London. Both our children are born at The Whittingtin Hospital in North London.
I love London, where I moved to in Maj 2002, met my soulmate and where I had our two children. We lived in North London until November 2007 where we chose to move to Denmark because I got MS. I love visiting England which we do several times a year. We stay with my in laws, the childrens Nana, Papa and get to see the rest of the family often when we visit.

I have MS (was diagnosed April 2007) and write a Blog about life with MS for Biogen Idec. It's in Danish but can be Google translated. I don't walk so well and have a walking stick, a walking frame and a little mini scooter-thing called a Luggie for longer 'walks'.
My children don't remember me being 'normal'. To them I'm just 'Mummy' :) Mummy who doesn't walk so well but make great cupcakes!


This photo is from Christmas 2011
This photo is from August 2016
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