Monday, 28 November 2016

When the children do chores

The little man had arranged Teddy and Doggy neatly when he did his bed this morning.

Our children do a few things to help around the house. They make their bed every morning before we leave for school. They put their plates away after meals. They take the bin out and they keep their rooms tidy. They make sure their school bags are ready and put them out the night before. They probably do more some weeks but mostly it's this. The little man just does it whereas the tween aka 'the princess' does too, but with a bit of huffing and puffing.

Hopefully this will help them when they leave home. Maybe the huffing and puffing will also stop.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

"I would not be a very inspiring disabled person" my husband/my soulmate/father of our children said!

Me and the little man on Pokemon hunt. Well, not me really but the little man is. I'm just hanging around and watching him catch them.

Response to the headline is that I am a very inspiring disabled person which is why I couldn't stop laughing at my husband's very honest statement. My statement on the other hand might be slightly big-headed. The husband and I were laughing about it all the way home in the car - the kids were not impressed with their parents.

We had been out for dinner last night as the little man had read 10,000 pages so we celebrated at the local Pizzaria. The conversation was on the way home from there. I think the princess was especially relieved it was in the car and not the restaurant where we decided to laugh our heads off.
Yummy pizza for dinner yesterday at our local lovely Pizzaria. 

Today is Sunday and we have nothing on. Well, the little man is getting ready for a walk around the neigbourhood soon - for another Pokemon hunt. No sun today though, but that doesn't stop a serious hunter.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Looking at at the sky..... Or at her daddy taking the picture.

It's Sunday today. The photo is from a month ago and has no relevance to this post as such. I just like it. Last Saturday Uncle D,  Aunty E and baby cousin went back to England. We enjoyed having them and got lots of precious time with our little niece/cousin. In less than 2 months we're flying to England for a week and to have Christmas there.
I would rather we drove and got the ferry from Hook of Holland but this year we're flying. It's okay as we get loads of help in the airport so it's not too difficult.

Here's a few photos from when Uncle D, Aunty E and baby cousin were her.

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