Sunday, 15 April 2012

The Daddy's post.....

.... Might end up being the only one he ever does on here, lets see what you think!

Guest post by: The Daddy!

Well after years of oddparent begging me to enlighten the world with my knowledge, I decided to agree! 

We had a conversation the other night where I told her about the phenomenon of 'Six degrees of separation' which is the idea that everyone is on average approximately six steps away from any other person on Earth.

This idea sounds ridiculous at first, but as an example, I am just 3 steps away from Queen Elizabeth II.  I met someone yesterday who has met the Queen of Denmark, who in turn knows Queen Elizabeth II.  And how about this: I am 4 steps away from Brad Pitt (much to the hapiness and joy of oddparent!).  My best friend knew Chris Martin from Coldplay before his fame, who is married to Gwyneth Paltrow, who was engaged to Brad Pitt!

My ultimate connection is Me to Diego Maradona (the greatest footballer of all time... after me!). 5 steps! I went to school with a guy who knew John Hartson, who played with Tony Adams, who played with and against Gary Lineker who... yes you guessed it, played on the same pitch when Maradona did this:


What a genius!  And Maradona was ok too ;-)


The Daddy


  1. The good ol' game of Six Degrees From Kevin Bacon. I'd forgotten about this. Thanks!

  2. I bet Mette is very impressed with your Brad Pitt connection indeed!
    Great photo by the way!


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