Tuesday, 1 January 2013

You have to have a hat on, don't you??

In Denmark we dress up for New Year with nice clothes and silly hats! Well, our New Year's Eve was a bit different this year as the daddy has pnemonia and the princess has a temperature again and a horrible cough. The little man's fine and even though he didn't see the point in getting dressed at all yesterday, he did think a hat was in it's place!!

I did not want to cook, yeah lazy I know!!! Defo thought a take away would be better so we had pizza and there's no need to leave the sofa and get dressed to eat that, is there?? So this is where the two not very wells and the little man spent their New Years Eve.....

Watching film after film and a bit of Nickolodeon as well. No too bad at all, we got to watch a lot of great Disney films and just relax together. Today has been more or less the same and uhm.... Left over pizza tastes so good the next day.

How was your New Years Eve???

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