Thursday, 16 February 2017

Visit from Englang

The princess is 6, the little man is 4 and the little cousin has just turned 3 years old in this picture. Now the pri.... sorry the tween is 11, the little man 9 and the now bigger cousin is 8 in 2 weeks time.

Nana, Papa and cousin J arrived Tuesday night at 7pm-ish. They go home tomorrow night. Yesterday the weather was lovely - today it's grey but it haven't stopped the children from playing outside having a fantastic time. Last time cousin J was here in Denmark she was 3½ so she can't really remember it here. She did say after a few hours here Tuesday night:

"Aunty Mette I really like it here"

Awww I melted a bit there. We of course see her in England everytime we're there but it's speciel having her here.

Right now the kids have run off to the playground nearby despite the grey wet weather. They're having a great time.

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