Wednesday, 6 October 2010

No more baby......

In the summer we tried to convince our son to stop wearing a nappy. He was 3years old on the 20th of August so thought he should be ready! He wasn't and would have none of it!!!!

A week ago we came back from nursery and  he asked to have his nappy off, for good!! We took it off having lots of clean clothes ready. Not at all needed.... No any accidents! Next day in nursery he proudly told everybody: No more nappy! He is not wearing a nappy at night either. He has had 2 accidents since and none at night. So proud of our little man!!!

So I have packed all the last baby things, nappies etc away! Strange and a bit sad to think No more baby. I also had to find some jeans I've packed away cos too small. Now they fit again around his little nappy free bottom.

While I wrote this I realized  I can change colour on the writing. So enjoy (I hope...) my rainbow blog:-) I will let you decide whether it's fun, nice or annoying to read a rainbow coloured blog??

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