Tuesday 12 April 2011

Two peas and a raisin!

Our daugther was 18 months old when she decided to put not 1 but 2 peas up her nose.... It's 6pm, Doctor surgery is closed so off to the emergency room it is! The kind Doctor removes the 2 peas with a smile on his face! At home again we're ready to smile and laugh at it all as well.

Then 2 years later it happens again. This time it's a raisin and only 1! It's our son this time exactly 18 months old just like his big sister was! Again it's 6pm, Doctor surgery closed. Off to the emergency room again!

What is it with them??? Is it in their genes? Could be as their father put a stone up his nose as a little boy....!!!! Or maybe our daugther told her little brother about it and he decided to try it out as well?? I guess we'll never know!

Is it just our children who has a desire to put food up their nose???

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