Thursday, 5 May 2011


I hate spiders I really do. My children has more than once witnessed their mummy scream very loudly when a spider appears. I don't take them outside to live happily no no....I kill them!
So it happens the other night a very very big one appears in the utility room. The man of the house is so so brave and with a piece of paper and a glass, captures it and puts it outside. Big mistake...!! I'm sure I can here it stomping around out there in anger!!!
The next evening I'm sitting on the sofa when I can feel it's here again. It is and right next to me. I call for help but it runs away. I seriously consider going to my mums for the night cos I'm sure it'll attack me during the night. I come to senses, stay at home and hope for the best!!
Next evening I'm at a meeting when I come back I'm told it's finally captured and put out on the road! Why would you do that?? Why? It will come back and more angry than ever I'm sure...!!!

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