Saturday, 16 June 2012

A speech, a rose, a diploma, a cuddle and very proud little girl!

Last night the princess' class had a goodbye party at school, it was just her class and all us parents. There's still 2 weeks before the school holiday starts but it was nice it was yesterday so we got to chat to the other parents before holiday starts. It was so lovely, their fantastic teacher had prepared a personal speech for each child and they were sat one after one in a golden chair whilst they had their speech, a diploma, a rose and a big cuddle. The princess was a bit shy but so proud!
We had all brought in a dish of some kind of dinner and it was all put on a big buffet. The children didn't sit down for long, let alone eat much! Having the whole school to themselves was too exciting not to explore. So the evening was spent running around playing hiding games while us parents chatted and enjoyed the food! When the evening ended there were 2 tired little people in the back of the car... didn't make them sleep in this morning though.... Wonder if that will ever happen!!

Do your children sleep in when up later than their normal bedtime??


  1. Sleeping in? Nopes - if the boy gets to bed an hour later than normal he gets up an hour earlier :P Sounds like a wonderful evening

    1. Yeah, an hour earlier happens here too....


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