Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Wow, the time flies when you're having fun.

So blogging suffers as tiredness kicks in when the children are in bed. Which at the moment is at least an hour later than normal. We're half way through the 2nd week of their school holiday and have already done so much. We need days with nothing on the agenda but that's not happening soon. It's okay as we're all happy and with the weather being amazing, it's just a delight it's holiday time.

There's been several dinners consumed outside, water pistol fights, fun with moster's (aunty's) dog, sleeping to 8am which I appreciate so much, cuddles with Muffin the cat, helping daddy check oil on the car, watching Murray win Wimbledon (which was sooooooo exciting) and the princess is off to mormor's (grandma's) summerhouse on a mini holiday, just her. The little man will have his mini holiday there when we're back from our holiday in England.
I've heard the weather is amazing so Hertfordshire here we come (Monday next week) and we expect the weather to stay amazing.... Did you hear me weather man???

Well, here's some Instagram moments and I hope you'll forgive me my lack of blogging. I can't even promise you I willl shape up, sorry. It's holiday and time just seems to fly so I have too little time but at lot of fun!

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