Friday, 19 July 2013

About time....

We've nearly been in England for a week now on holiday. We've enjoyed the lovely weather going to parks and a lake near Nana and Papa. A while back we decided it was about time to show the princess and little man where they were born. We felt we were ready to go, now it is nearly 6 years ago everything changed.

And we were ready, ready to see the Whittington Hospital where they were born, to see our old neighbourhood and play in the park we used to go to all the time. We ended the day at Alexandra Palace from where we could see the road we used to live on and enjoy the view of London.

We met friends we hadn't seen for a while, we chatted, enjoyed a lovely picnic and even after nearly 6 years it still felt like home.

Tomorrow the princess will be 8 years old which will be celebrated with a family brunch and princess castle birthday cake. Monday we will go to Brighton for 3 days, a place we haven't been for over 8 years. We are very excited and this year England is certainly giving us the summer of our dreams. Fantastic weather all the time we're here....


  1. <3 Amazing :-) what a journey you have all had. Love you xxx

  2. Aww great pictures, looks like your having a great time :0

    Thanks for sharing at welcome to the weekend blog hop :)

  3. Love the photos, but sad you didnt come and find me :P x

    1. Were you in the Whittington Hospital then? Sorry, didn't know. Do they have a MS ward now? Didn't when I was there. Hope you're well:) x


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