Thursday, 5 December 2013

So dissapointed....

So Nana and Papa came to visit from England on Tuesday. It was a long-planned visit because the children's school was doing a show. The little man was singing and walking with candles, it's called Santa Lusia, and the princess was singing with her class and the school choir. Nana and Papa are here to watch but then the storm decided to come.... Bodil it's called but who cares about the name, the stupid storm has made the school cancel the show. The children are upset and angry - The show has been postponed to next Wednesday but how's that gonna help?? By then Nana and Papa will be back in England. We'll film it all and send it over but still... We planned for them to come and talked about it for so long and now they'll miss the show because Mother nature decides to play up!

I'm not impressed nor are the children or Nana and Papa!

Oh, and who thought Bodil would be a good name for the storm??

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