Sunday, 30 August 2015

Birthdays with only a month apart.

(år means year)
We won this lovely Birthday cake from our local bakery. My sister and mum had entered the princess and little man in a compatition in the local paper. We were able to pick it up the day the little man had his Birthday party. How lucky is that!
The cake was meant for both children as their Birthdays are only a month apart. The little man got to blow out the candles though. His big sister is way to cool for doing that now she's 10 apparently.
The cake is normal sponge cake with melted brown sugar on top as well as marcipan, icing and lots of sweets. It's a very traditional Danish Birthday cake but Nana and Papa who was over from England loved it too. Nana got the recipe of the internet so she can attempt to bake one back in England. We will look forward to that next time we visit.

Have a lovely Sunday.

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