Sunday, 21 June 2015

Books! 2 finished in 2 weeks.

Maybe a bit more than 2 weeks but not much. This was the first one and if you don't have anything to read in the summer holiday, I can recommend this. It's really good and easy to read. It has all the elements in it that I needed to enjoy it.

This was the 2nd book and that I read it in 3 days. To be fair I've read it before 15 years ago but I didn't remember everything. It is such a good book and a must read I think. If you love to read that is.
It's a 15 year boy autistic boy telling the story. I enjoyed even more this time around and I do think I might read again at some point.

I am now starting Gone Girl and after that Me Before You is waiting on my bookshelf. I would love it if you could recommend some books.

What books do you read??

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