Friday, 13 May 2016

Then summer arrived!

Wow the last week  it's been amazing weather. We love it especially when it happens whilst we have a long weekend. Last week we had two bank holidays Thursday and Friday. Where we live there's a yearly market and it was perfect weather to go. The kids loved it - we all did - and had lots of fun at the funfair. The little man and the princess spend a bit of their pocket money trying to win a teddy. Well that didn't happen but they had fun trying. Do anyone ever win at these things?
Yesterday night Nana arrived from England. She's staying until Tuesday. Today the weather is still like it was last weekend and has been all week but apparently it's that for now. Tomorrow they say the weather is changing to cold and rainy. Well, maybe they got it wrong yeah! We can always hope.

Have a lovely weekend.

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