Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The List!

I was reading Random Woman's blog post The one with the indiscreet tweet and list weeping with laughter and also feeling very comforted by reading that other people have a "list" too. I was relieved to find Fireman Sam on Random Woman's list because Jessica Rabbit is on my soulmate's list.
Me: "But why honey?" Him: "She's hot" Me: "She's a cartoon....." Him: "She's not a rabbit, she just took his name, she's a woman" Me: "Again... She's a cartoon honey, a drawing"
Back to the list.... another shocker on my soulmate's list, Pamela Anderson. Really honey....?!
Mine is classy with the Pince of Denmark Frederik, David Beckham and ooh... Jesse Metcalfe!

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