Sunday, 4 December 2016

December, Christmas tree, Christmas Market and a hat to wear throughout the month

The little man with his Christmas hat he will be wearing all December.

It's now December. We have attended the only Christmas party at school which was held on the 1st of December. We've been to the Christmas Market in town and we have yet to watch a Christmas film.

The tween (formerly called the princess in my blog posts... tween is what she is now and princesses are so last season or something like that) is rehearsing a lot these days with her musical school. They're performing the weekend before Christmas and just 4 days before we leave for England. We're very much looking forward to seeing the show.

The little man is back in the school chess club and loving it. He played against his daddy yesterday and 4 moves was all it took to win. Well, the daddy 'wasn't quite ready' apparently but that's no excuse. The little man beat me twice but you don't hear me complain. He's just better at chess than his mummy.

The weather here is cold, frosty and sunny today. A lovely Sunday - perfect for the daddy and little man to play footy outside.

Oooh and the Fairy delivered our Christmas tree in the night. Very magical! We've decorated the tree now and it's very pretty. Pictures can be found here on my Instagram.

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