Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Spiderman and Spiderman 2.

No, not the film! It's my son and his daddy I'm talking about. My son got a Spiderman costume for his birthday from his uncle. The look on his daddy's face was indescribable. Probably because he claims to be Spiderman. Why you might ask...??? I know I do but apparently it's a secret!!
Well the costume obviously had to be tried on.
And just look at the little man....
He looks so cute and does look like the real Spiderman don't you think...??? I do! I have a feeling that his daddy feels a bit threatened. But I know he also feels proud that his son carries on the Spiderman legend because as I said earlier, he claims to be the real Spiderman and has told his children he is! I have decided to completely stay out of any explanation he surely has to make in years to come!!
I guess it feels quite safe having not just one Spiderman but 2 Spidermen living in our house!

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