Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Laminator 2.

I bought myself a laminator a while ago. So exciting!!! I laminated the children's drawings straight away. Looked fantastic. Can't say my children and their daddy share my excitement. But there are so many things you can laminate. Little buisness cards I have absolutely no use for but they are so cute!!

My daughter is gluing little pictures on to paper. So I ask her. " What about laminating it? " She looks at me a bit confused. Not at all knowing what I'm talking about. But says: " Yes mummy " I have of course forgotten all about how much glue a 5 year old uses! The result is a weird smell and a bit of smoke.....No panic (actually think it's only me about to panic as everybody else has gone to play in the garden) I let the laminator cool and then take it apart. Yep burned glue! No problem... I clean it off and put it back together. Cleaning goes well, fixing it not so well!!!!! Luckily one of the supermarkets had laminators on special at the weekend. And a smarter one! So welcome laminator 2. We are all happy again. Well I am. The rest of the family don't seem to care so much about whether we have a laminator or not!!!!

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