Tuesday, 10 April 2012

We're back home and Easter is over.....

Well, kind of because look at all these Easter Eggs the princess and little man have brought back from Nana and Papa's. This year we could bring them all back in the car. Only just though as the car was packed to the rafters!

Again we had a lovely time on the boat, going back home to Denmark. We relaxed in the cabin, drinking tea, reading, watching movies on the computer and playing Super Mario Brothers!

We went outside to wave goodbye to England. We'll be back at Christmas! Then to the play area where the princess reluctantly let the little man drive first....

Today it was back to reality! School, nursery, work and a big pile of holiday laundry.....!


  1. I hate the post-holidays blues and laundry!
    I feel for you

    1. Thanks:) Finally finshed all the laundry:)


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