Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Long car journey?? Here's some tips for you....

We've just been on a car journey and as I wrote here a couple of weeks before we left, we had bought these dvd players for the car journey. They were used and did their job to keep the princess and little man entertained. It did nothing for them getting an achy bottom from sitting in the car hours at a time though. Well, we did do short stops quite often and every time I told them to shake their bottoms! It did help but looked silly though but who cares. The daddy on the other hand thought he'd put more action into it..... Not a bad idea at all!

It defo helped their achy bottoms so they'd happily sit for hours again in the car. We're back home now and straight away had to start planing the princess' birthday. It's next Friday (20th). She had lots of wishes so we went for the easy way... The internet! All her presents are ordered at Toys'R'us, very easy.
Click here!


    Love them shaking their bottoms! What an athletic brood you have


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