Monday, 30 July 2012

Earrings and Top Model drawing books.

Those are books the princess had wished for and her wish was granted... 3 books she got for her birthday! I'm not good enough at drawing to be allowed to have a go, but her moster (aunty) is. So a morning spent at her house was just the best! She came home beaming and with beautifully painted nails as well! Moster is the No 1 at the moment! She took the princess to have her ears pierced just after her birthday. Now there's no way any of us can get the No 1 spot however hard we try. Well, as long as the princess is happy....
Tomorrow moster will have a day with the little man (no, his ears won't get pierced... EVER!) I will take the princess to have her hair trimmed and my own too. That I'm still allowed to do... maybe I'm slowly making my way back to the top...
You can make your own lovely free collage here.

Or maybe you'll be the winner of some lovely things from here so make sure you have a look!

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  1. Glad she got what she wanted,hope she had a great birthday :)


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