Sunday, 14 October 2012

Map of the World.

I wished for one and got one! We love looking at it and when I find the right size pins we'll pin all the places we've been. Each of us have our own colour and as a family we'll have one so we can pin where we've been. Either alone, together, as a family and in years to come I imagine the princess and little man will pin places they've been without mummy and daddy.
The little man loves looking at the little flags at the bottom of the map, one for each country in the world. He knows a lot of them which the Euros and the Olympics this summer helped along.

We have 2 atlases which we do look in every so often but having the whole world hanging on the wall at the childrens height is better. We talk about countries, flags, football teams, people and lots more when we look at it. Being a mixed family of Danish/British maybe the interest is bigger, I don't know!!??

Do you have an atlas or a map in your house??


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