Saturday, 20 October 2012

The story about a mobile phone....

I stumbled across a box today. I was not prepared for what I found in there..... It was massive and fake metallic light grey. I could not stop laughing and I'm still giggling writing this. It belonged to the daddy many years ago and back then I remember it causing quite a few laughs when showed to people. You want to know what it is??
I'll show you a picture....
It's the daddy's old mobile phone from 2005. Look at it.... Anyhow, he did not quite understand my amusement.
"Look at my phone, it's nearly as big today as it was then"
Hmmm, is it!!?? Well, there's a reason for the bigger phones today. They have touch screens. He then claimed everyone laughing at him back then were the ones to laugh at now cos he knew already in 2005 that a phone that size would be the future!!
I see a difference though don't you? The screen on his phone today 2012, 7 years down the line, is double the size because everything is on there, nice and compact. The princess and little man were very impressed and the little man straight away took to it pretending to call one of his mates from nursery....
Like father like son.....

But seriously you understand why I'm laughing, don't you??


  1. Haha I remember my first mobile phone,I bet it looked massive hehe

    1. It is massive.... but the children love it for pretend conversations:)


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