Sunday, 2 December 2012

One more advent calender, snow, Elves, Fairies and a little Christmas train.

Yesterday a big packet came in the post.... It was advent calenders from Nana to add to the two the princess and little man already had been given. Both mormor (grandma) and moster (aunty) had also had the same thought....
 Today we woke up to find snow outside....
 ....and that the Fairy had delivered the Christmas tree. Every year it's so exciting to see when it will be delivered. The Fairy sits on top and she has put the lights on. The rest is for us to decorate!

That was not all.... The Elves had also been sometime in the night because the little man and princess' stockings had things in them. Magazines and treats which lead to more screams of joy.
The Christmas market was today too, so we popped down for a while but it was very cold. The princess and little man did get a ride on the little train before we called it a day.
Back home again hot chocolate and tea got us warmed up again.

What have you been up to on this 2nd day of December??


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah it's real and the weather man has said there's more to come. I'm not that happy about it but it looks pretty:)


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