Saturday, 15 December 2012

The daddy has just descovered our kitchen.....

.... and also an app on his phone called reciepes! It's mainly the cake recipes he looks up! He has so far made banana bread, fudge (which was a flop and couldn't be eaten) and today he has just made chocolate chip cookies! They look yummy, don't they??
We had friends around yesterday and they liked his banana bread (phew... I don't think he would have let them leave if they'd said otherwise), the daddy was praised for his effort and was one very happy man!!
Today morfar (grandad) and his wife came to give the princess and the little man their Christmas presents. We're spending Christmas in England this year so we have pre Christmas before we leave. I really like that as we don't have to take the presents from the Danish lot back and forward plus the princess and little man get to enjoy their presents a bit more, having them spread out like that! This way the Danish lot get to enjoy the children excitedly opening their presents. Also no doubt there'll still be lots of presents in England under Nana & Papa's tree. Thanks to online shopping, all our presents for everyone are already safely waiting for us at Nana & Papa's house, ready to get wrapped. It's a win win situation, isn't it??

Do you bring the presents back and forward if you travel to see family for Christmas??


  1. whoo sounds wonderful , i love making cakes too :-) my family all lives close so lucky not to have to travel far if the weather turns bad.Have a wonderful Christmas can't wait to catch up with your Christmas in England :-)


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