Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Lego vs Computer....

The contrast between the princess and the little man's choice of toys Sunday afternoon was difficult to miss.
The little man asked to play computer and the princess was in a Lego playing mood. Sat next to each other, they were both playing a game which meant using the brain. Might be different parts of the brain but they both used skills. One - the imagination, the other - maths, working out when to jump and where from.
Playing with the same thing too long, too often I think most of us can agree is not the best. Lego though will never get a raised eyebrow if played with every day... Yes, I know Lego is more than imagination, it's developing fine motor skills too.
What am I on about then?? Well, nothing really. Just watching the diglots sitting at the same table, playing with two different things and finding it interesting, the contrast!

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