Friday, 15 March 2013

Will he keep his promise????

It's Friday, yeah!!! Just one thing though the danish weatherman has promised (yes promised) that we will be hit by a massive snowstorm. They are not so sure wether it's gonna be Sunday night, Monday morning or maybe Tuesday!! Come on, if they're so sure it's coming surely the can tell when so we can prepare, right!!
Anyhow, I am not gonna ruin my weekend thinking about what we'll do when this massive snowstorm hits. It's Denmark, not the Northpole (feels like it though) so I'm sure the country will cope yet again with the snow. If just the news would stop making it sound like we should get ready to be housebound for days. Maybe they have a deal with the supermarkets to get us all to do a big shop today....

As I said, my weekend is not to be ruined by this blip in the weather which should be spring-like now, it's March people!
The little man has a birthday party to attend tomorrow, the princess is going to mormor's (grandma) and the daddy is playing football. So as you can see, we're way to busy to think about some stupid snowstorm!

What are you up to this weekend??


  1. Oh no I hope you don't get bad weather, it's so cold here today, roll on Spring :) Thanks for linking up tp welcome to the weekend hop...

    1. I am trying to ignore what they say on the news hoping it won't happen then:)


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