Thursday, 1 August 2013

We're back home.

After 16 days away we're back home. Tuesday night we came back after 8 hours in the car travelling up through Germany. The day before we had tralleved 8 hours as well from Nana and Papa's house in Hertfordshire through France, Belgium, Holland and Germany to our hotel in Essen. I will write another post later with tips on driving long distances with younger children, what works for us that is.

Anyway it's nice to be home again. The weather is warm here but today it has rained all day. Do I dare say I have enjoyed the rain.... We have relaxed inside watching tv and we're nearly (not even close) to be completely unpacked. The princess has lined up all her birthday presents on the floor in her room. The little man has yet to empty his backpack with his holiday stuff. I guess he will when misses what ever toys are in there.

Back to our lovely holiday in England. This year we couldn't have asked for better weather and as we had already planned a 3 day trip to Brighton after the princess' birthday, we were so happy to go there in the heat. We haven't been since I was pregnant with princess so 8 years ago that is, but it was as lovely there as we remembered. The children went swimming, spent their pocket money on all kinds of rubbish, arcade games and a big stripy rock each. We met our good friends and their gorgeous children and spent the day with them. We had fish and chips on the pier and the daddy took the little man and princess up in the big wheel so they could look out over the sea and Brighton. Because we now have the Luggie for me, it was possible for us to go away just the 4 of us. Look below for pictures of our lovely time in Brighton.

In the big pile of post on the kitchen table when we came back Tuesday was this book. I had made it before we left and was to blog about it on my Danish blogs when it arrived. Well, I thought I might as well mention it here too as it is so cool and we just love it. Also with an impatient person like me, when it comes to technical things can make it, everyone can. I made it here and used this format. (just click England at the bottom to change the website to English).


  1. Ah looks like you had a great time in Brighton! Your photos from the wheel reminded me of our little trip we went on recently: Your kids look like they had so much fun in the sea. Looking forward to the warmer weather :)

    1. We love Brighton:) We're defo coming back at some point. This year though we're going north in the summer. All the way to Newcastle.


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