Sunday, 16 September 2012

Postcards from Europe.

Cool uncle D has always been brilliant at sending postcards from wherever he travels to! We love it (and feel very bad that we never send any postcards) and at the moment all the cards from his and his fiance's summer holiday are on display on our fridge.

They went inter-railing around Europe and we were sent a card from every country they visited. That's so good and we love it. It was also on their travels this summer he popped the big question and she said YES...... We're so excited that another wedding is coming up and the princess is already looking at dresses and shoes on the computer (with a bit of help) so she can look her very best at the wedding.

Do you recieve postcards from family and friends when they go on holiday?? Do you send any yourself??

Have a lovely Sunday.


  1. Oh, I love a postcard but never receive them any more. I love a letter too, but alas, email has killed that as well.

    There's nothing nicer than a hand written letter arriving in the post. We sent a few out randomly but have yet to receive a reply. That's not true. A friend thought it amusing to reply by email but printed it off and put it in the post. I think they were mocking me!

    Mark, Sonny, & Luca x

    1. Ah, that was a bit cheeky of your friend. I'm rubbish at sending postcards but one thing we always do is thank you letters every birthday and christmas. The children have to do a drawing and write their name and the letters are always sent by post. The uncles, auties and gradparents love it:) I know my children are gonna hate having to do it as they get older but they'll have to:)

  2. that's lovely!! No one I know sends postcards or letters any more but that would be awesome to receive!


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