Tuesday, 18 September 2012

"What did she have....?"

I asked the princess the other day when I picked her up. One of her teachers had had a baby and she came to show the children the little one. The princess proudly told me she had stroked the baby's cheek very gently. Which led to the question "what did she have?" The princess looked at me liked I was stupid. "Erm... a baby!!" Trying not to laugh too loudly I said "was the baby a boy or a girl" The princess started giggling "a girl"!!!

We've finally found a way the funiture in her room should be placed. It's a small room and she needs floor space to dance in front of her mirror... Or to just have enough space to look at herself! Anyway we managed to make her desk area really cosy and she does love to sit and draw or write her little stories there.


  1. Well, when asking children questions, you have to be specific :D
    And the room looks great, nice and cosy if you ask me


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