Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Why the days are called what they are....

That the little man knows so if you don't he will be happy to explain!

Sunday: The first day the sun came out!
Monday: The first day the moon came out!
Tuesday: The first day we had shoes!
Wednesday: The first day the world came!
Thursday: The first day we were thirsty!
Friday: The first day we ate fried food!
Saturday: The first day we sat down!
Who wouldn't believe this little boy??

Well, I think he's bang on... What do you think??

(Might be worth mentioning that the conversation went on between the little man and his daddy this morning at 5.45am.)


  1. Oh that is hilariously adorable! I'll have to bookmark this for the next time my little ones ask why they're called what they are :)

    1. I'm sure the little man is glad he can help;)

  2. Awesome!! I'll now remember the days of the week without any problem!! LOL!!

    1. The little man is glad he could help you:)


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