Thursday, 25 April 2013

"Daddy, when you're 45 years old you have to become a baker"

"Because you're so good at baking"

The daddy grew at least 10 centimetres after that little statement from the little man. So I think some of this long weekend will be spent baking a few cakes. I have written about the daddy's baking skills before here and here as you might have read.

Tomorrow is bank holiday here in Denmark and the weather is supposed to be nice so YEAH!!! So I think a trip to the nearby big park and the daddy baking when we're back, might just be the best after 4 weird weeks with closed schools. The schools are finally back though and it's about time, and by this stage I don't care at all who's right or wrong. All I care about is that the princess is back at school on Monday. Also I don't want to moan about it anymore, I have spent way too much time doing that the last 4 weeks. It's over, schools are back and life returns to normal!

So tonight the princess has a friend here for a girly sleepover, the little man is being spoilt at mormor's (Grandma's) and the daddy is watching football! I think I'll just relax....


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