Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Still no school.... Believe it or not but the children miss it!

It's well into the second week of the school lock out here in Denmark. The princess is not enjoying it, she misses school, her teachers, her friends and the routine of the week days. I'm doing my best to have as many activities planned as possible, and structure. Playdates with friends from school and library visits are some of the things we do. Like the other days when the princess has had friends here, today the chosen game was to play "school". I printed out some maths things for them to do and they read books to each other. This is their choice and not me telling them to do school things which I think shows how much they miss school. There's still no news on when schools will be back and that's really frustrating for us all.
Luckily our local library is brilliant with lots of creative stuff to do. Monday I took the princess and her friend there.....

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